20,000 Leagues under the sea

By Jules Verne

What is 20,000 leagues under the sea

Aside from being almost 70,000 miles, this is a book by Jules Verne has as many words as it has events and action. With a sea of characters like Monsieur and Captain nemo who form a weird but great friendship during the great adventure of the nautilus and its 20,000 leagues under the sea.



In part 1 of Jules Verne´s many events lead to this wondrous story of adventure and fun. At first Aronnax our main character is greeted with the chance of being aboard the Abraham Lincoln (a ship) on the hunt for the great ¨Sea Monster¨ threatening the ocean at this time, while aboard they find themselves in an engaging battle with the monster only to lose. They wake up to find themselves upon the glorious Nautilus and amazed by the ship and it´s crew, among the crew awaits Captain Nemo who has expected Aronnax and starts off their friendship. Later in Part 1 Captian and Arronax goes diving with two other men to a remote place to see the beauty of the sea. Lastly well part 2 but you´ll have to read that part with you own eyes!

Notice and Note Bookmarks

#1 Contrasts and Contradictions

- In chapter 6 Ned Land tries to pierce the "whale" with his harpoon but fails

- This is caused by the fact that this is no whale at all

#2 Aha moment

- This happens when Aronnax finally realizes this is no whale at all

- This will open a whole new side to 20,000's story

#3 Tough Questions

- In chapter 11 Captain Nemo asks "Where could one find more solitude, more tranquility

-This question makes me think why doesn't Nemo like land and Whats happened to him in the past?

#4 Words of the Wiser

- In chapter 19 Captain Nemo tells Aronnax about a peaceful death for a sailor

- This show Aronnax that if you live by the sea you die by the sea

#5 Again & Again

- In the story you see that all the time the men are talking about and/or looking at the sea

- This happens because they are well... SURROUNDED BY THE SEA!!!

#6 Memory Moment

-When Captain Nemo thinks back to his life on land

-This is important because it shapes Nemo's life

I loved this book

Group evaluation

All though I loved this book many other people had similar and different opinions. My partner David liked the book and all of the adventures.
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