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Our Trip Route

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Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Please read along with the song which we like.

Bruno Mars's "Just The Way You Are"

First, We will go to Chicago!

Because there are many things we enjoy.

We will look around dolls in Disney store, walk under fishes in Shedd aquarium and eat the crazy deep dish pizza! It’s our old wish.

Then, we will see show and walk at Buckingham fountain.
Just the thought of it make our heart flutter.

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Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

Second, we will go to Boston!!

Wikipedia says, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States.
This fact attracted our mind. So we decided to go to Boston.

We will walk around 'Boston common' that is the park which is the oldest in USA.

Then we will visit Harvard University.

There is a statue of John Harvard who is the founder of Harvard University.
this statue have the story that touching the feet of the John Harvard statue, you'd get good luck. But now, this behavior seems to be prohibited.

Our major is Library and Information Science. Therefore we will be going to the 'Boston Public Library'.

We will compare the difference of the Korean library and the USA library in that place.

I heard that scenery of surroundings of 'The Church of Christ, Scientist' was wonderful. So we will visit there, see a scenery, and take a picture!

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Last, We will go to Miami!!!

Miami is one of the most popular vacation spots internationally.
So we will always hope to visited Miami.

We will sunbathe on the beach. And we will be going to the swim to South Beach.
Finally, we will eat Miami's famous seafood!

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South Beach, Miami Florida.