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2019 - 2020

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Students log in with their ID number for their username and password. Teachers use their ID number with 046 (XXXXXX046) added to the end for the username and password.

Library Website

Find useful library information here for students and staff.

Student and Teacher Resources

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Library Expectations for Teachers

  • Be actively engaged in the lesson or booktalk.
  • Assist your students in finding good fit books.
  • Monitor your students while in the library.
  • Make sure your students push in the chairs and leave the library tidy.

***Teachers are expected to participate in the library lesson or booktalk by making connections to the library activity/lesson and classroom learning, posing questions to extend learning, and assisting Mrs. Eikenberry with discipline and redirection. Teachers know their students' academic, behavioral needs and accommodations; please communicate with Mrs. Eikenberry regarding individual student needs. (Examples: student needs extra thinking time before responding; student might seem like he is not paying attention because he does not make eye contact, but he does process information being presented…)***

Using the Library During School Hours

Students who come to the Library independently will:

  • have a Library pass from their teacher
  • have an academic purpose for being in the Library
  • return to class as soon as assignments and tasks are complete


Our library is food-friendly. Feel free to snack as your study (responsibly!) We except that you will be working. Please keep the noise level down.

o Enjoy your drink in a closed container.

o No messy meals or open plates of food

o No entire cafeteria meals

o Clean up after yourself – Report spills!

o Dispose of trash and recycling

Library Expectations for Students

1. Listen Carefully – Listening is a matter of respect and method of gaining information. To help students practice “active listening” in class we are using the following mnemonic: SLANT.

2. Follow Directions and Stay On-Task – Our time is limited, so students need to follow directions the first time given and use the time that we have to get as much done as they can.

3. Pick Up After Yourself – Students are expected to visit the library with respect by pushing in chairs, returning borrowed supplies, throwing away trash and putting materials back in proper order before leaving.

4. Use Quiet Voices – Enter and exit quietly. Talking and working together is encouraged in the library, but voices should be kept QUIET. The library is a place for people to think, read, and study; many times more than one group of people are using the library.

5. Be Respectful, Responsible, and Cooperative – Students are expected to raise your hand to speak or wait for others to finish speaking, return books on time, and participate in all activities. Walking is the only form of transportation allowed in the library…no running or horseplay.

Computer Use & Research

Research is most effective when students are guided and assisted by a teacher or librarian. Please consider consulting with Mrs. Eikenberry for research projects. The library has many print resources as well as digital resources for research purposes. Please understand that individual students sent to the library to research online, while supervised, may not have the assistance they need from the librarian to experience success in finding information if Mrs. Eikenberry is assisting or teaching another class. If students do not have a device to utilize digital resources for research, consider sending them to the library to locate print sources for use in class.

If you must send individual students to the library to work on a computer or for research purposes, please send them with a written pass explaining the assignment, the specific task, and the time to return to class. Encourage the use of the library databases over Google and expect ethical use by requiring citations of images, ideas, etc.


The library is an extension of the classroom; therefore, collaboration and communication between teachers and the librarian is essential. As a teacher librarian, I am always willing to help meet the needs of you and your students through providing lessons or collaborating with you to plan, teach and assess lessons that benefit students and meet curriculum expectations.

The teacher brings to the planning process the knowledge of subject matter content and student needs. The teacher librarian contributes a broad knowledge of resources and technology, an understanding of teaching methods, and a wide range of strategies that may be employed to help students learn information skills.

Information Literacy Instruction

Student achievement is higher when information literacy instruction is integrated with the subject-area curriculum. (Rather than teaching “library skills” in isolation, library media specialists teach content area standards that entail information literacy.)

The ability to use these skills is best fostered by teaching them in context. Research demonstrates that skills taught, practiced, and tested in isolation are not used as consistently or effectively as skills taught when children are actually reading and writing.

Cooperative planning by teachers and the media specialist integrates information skills and materials into the classroom curriculum and results in the development of assignments that encourage open inquiry.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to teach information literacy, research, and technology skills in the context of classroom assignments so the skills taught are utilized in a meaningful way.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Library

1. The librarian doesn’t own the library. You and your students do. You can recommend materials and have a voice in library policy making.

2. The library should be considered an “intellectual gymnasium.” The students in the library should have a reason for being there.

3. The best resource in the library is the librarian.
I can help you plan a project, solve a technology problem, find professional research, give insight into a copyright question, or answer a reference question. And if I can’t do it, I will help you find someone who can. Helping others gives me a huge sense of satisfaction so please never hesitate to ask me.

4. Planning is a good thing. Advanced planning with me will greatly increase your students’ chances for success with projects that require information resources. A well-planned research unit or technology project will greatly decrease frustrations for everyone involved.

5. Recognize that the library provides access to both print and electronic information. I can determine which one best suits yours and your students’ needs. Students do not always realize that print resources are the best for many purposes.

6. I can be helpful in evaluating the information found on the Internet. One of the greatest challenges of using the Internet is determining whether the facts and opinions found there are credible.

7. I can be your technology support center. I’m no technical guru, but can help you and your students with technology applications. Need to use a scanner or digital camera? I can show you how. Need to create a multi-media presentation? Let me give you a quick lesson. Looking for effective ways to search the web? Ask me.

8. The library can help your students’ performance on standardized reading tests. Research has proven that children become more adept at reading by extensively practicing reading at or just below grade level. The library contains a wide range of material in print format that students can use to improve reading skills. And I can help match just the right book or magazine with just the right reader. If you need a book talk for your class or help with a student struggling to find something of interest, just say so.

9. I can help create assessments for your students’ projects.

10. I will be your partner when trying new things. If you need somebody to share the glory or the shame of a new unit, activity, or methodology, I’m the one.

Teacher Requests

Please use the form below to request library resources and/or assistance from Mrs. Eikenberry.