Balboa Way Block Watch

Keeping our neighborhood safe through awareness!

Long Weekend...keep your home safe:)

With our Holiday weekend here, I know a lot of families are make sure to follow a few extra steps to keep things safe:)

-timers on your lights

-gates locked

-inform a trusted neighbor to check on the home a few times

-tell the kiddos NOT to post their fun getaway on facebook or social media....this may invite some unexpected visitors...

-and if you have an alarm..don't forget to set it.

Those staying home...make sure to keep the garage door closed even if you take a short stroll to the neighbors...

Have a safe and FUN weekend....

Block Watch is growing..Thanks to you!

Thank you to all residents who have gotten out, spread the word, and helped to raise awareness in the community!! Block Watch has been a great tool for our community over the past 2 years and I hope to continue to grow as our community does:)

If you have a new neighbor moving in..make sure to take a moment and introduce yourself, and let them know about our program..its simple and easy!

Balboa Block Watch

Feel free to pass this email to neighbors within the Balboa Way Gated community. Have them send me a message join the email group including their name and community (Laguna Cove, Catalina Shores, Balboa)

Balboa Block Watch Meeting

Saturday, Sep. 7th 2013 at 9:30am

Catalina Shores Ramada

Join us and the Chandler Police Crime Dept. for our annual meeting in the park!

We will discuss ways to prevent crime in our community, ways to report suspicious activity, and basic things to teach our children about safety. Bring your chairs, and some cold water...(paper and pen may be good also).. Everyone who attends will enter their name for a special drawing at the end....hope to see you there!