My letter to friend

Enjoy reading!

Dear Ryouchi,

It feels like such a long time since the last time I wrote you. So my summer was great in 2013!

I went to the rest camp in Alushta, Crimea. The weather was variable, but mainly was warm and sunny.

The accommodation was of the camp. Rooms are simple, but comfortable.

I had feeding 5 times for a day. Food is really tasty.

This trip was unforgettable, because we climbed on the mountain called Demerdzhi. There is a beautiful and spectacular view. It's beyond words. But most of all I liked the sea. I really love sea. It soothes and heals the wounds of heart, despite the fact that it's salty. Enjoy views of the sea, take pictures of the sea... I like it. I'm sad, because I din't live near the sea. Tell me about your holiday in Japan, please.

Your friend,


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