Smoking should be banned

By Cameron watson

Smoking is dangerous.

Smoking can cause many different cancers. The main cancer is lung cancer because that's where the smoke goes when you inhale it. It can also leave a hole in your throat due to throat cancer.

Second hand smoke and effects of smoking

Everytime someone smokes around another person, the other person basically smokes as well. That's called second hand smoke. The smoker, without knowing, is putting other people in danger as well as themselves. Smoking also makes anything they smoke near, smell like smoke. Smoke doesn't smell good at all. So it's like the smoker never left.

Smokers don't look good

Do you want a hole in your throat? Me neither. I don't think anyone would want to walk around with a hole in their throat. Hairy tongues and permanently chapped lips don't look good either. I mean, No one would want to be look like that.