Houk Headlines

November 15 - December 4

Important dates:

12/7 Winter MAP Test- Math

12/11 Progress Reports available on Parent Vue

12/18 Holiday Party and the Secret Sock Exchange

12/21 1/1 Winter Break

1/4 Classes resume

1/8 School Spirit Day


These past few weeks in ELA, we have spent a lot of time talking about community. We discussed ways that we can make a difference in our community, how we can take part in our community, and how we can help save our environment. We read a story called, Judy Moody Saves the World and discussed ways that Judy worked to make a difference in her community.

We have also been learning about point of view. We have been discovering that many of us have the same point of view about similar ideas or issues, such as, helping in the community, and some of us have different points of view. We read two different debates and shared our opinions and points of view about each. One debate we talked about was whether or not children should have TV's in their bedrooms and the other discussed whether or not parents should help their kids with homework. Be sure to ask your child about their point of view on these debates!

Finally, in writing we wrapped up our fictional narrative writing pieces and began discussing sequence words. We brainstormed different sequence words, practice writing sentences using these words, and did a sequencing activity to really see the importance of these words in our writing.


We ended our math unit with an assessment and began our new unit! We began by reviewing place value of whole numbers and continued practicing multiplication and some division. We will continue learning more about place value of whole numbers and decimals for the next few weeks. In addition, we will continue to practice multiplication and division. Please encourage your child to practice his or her multiplication facts on a daily basis!

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we have been learning all about City Hall. We began by reading all about the different members and jobs at City Hall. Then, we discussed that all of the members of City Hall work together as a team to help the city run smoothly. Finally, we ended our unit with a field trip to Crystal Lake's City Hall! On our field trip, we learned about the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works, and the City Council. We had a blast!
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