Reaching the Lost in Scotland

Emily Hefner

Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland

Yet again another month of great things that God is doing here in Glasgow, Scotland. Amazing things are happening in the church here, in the people's live, as well as my own life. I am beyond blessed to be able to be here and have this opportunity to study about God, be apart of New Life Church, and work for His kingdom here.

To start off the month of November, we were privileged to go to the European Youth Conference in Melun, France. There, we had five services and each of them were translated from French into English and vice versa. This was also my first time being in a service like this. And, although I didn't understand the songs in French, I could still feel God in that place. Later, after service we fellowshipped with all the youth from France, England, and many others from all over Europe. Some of us students participated in the youth mass choir and we sang part of the song in French. God moved greatly in all of the services. Many received the gift of the Holy Ghost, refilled with the Holy Ghost, and others got a word from God. We also got the opportunity to go to Paris for a day of sight seeing. Overall, it was a life-changing trip.

Also, in the month of November, I was given the honor to speak before Wednesday night Bible study. Although it was only a ten minute sermon I feel as though I learned a lot from that night. No matter what, God always helps me to overcome my nervousness.

And, in the month of November another HBC student and myself were asked to do babysitting for the ministers and their wives from all over the UK while they were in important meetings all day. I was also allowed the privilege to praise sing on a Sunday morning. Though these things be small, I am just happy to be doing something for the kingdom of God.

As far as Bible College in the month of November, it's been great! Through every class we have, I feel God speaking into my life. I am so thankful that God speaks through the teachers into my life that come and teach as HBC (Harvest Bible College). For this month, we've had the Nicholls missionaries to Poland and Ukraine. It was unbelievable on how much God was speaking as they taught in their missions classes. I am so glad they allowed the Lord to use them to speak to other people all around the UK and Europe. We've also had the Moehlempah's here from California. He has taught in many Bible College's all over the US and we are so honored to have him here as our teacher for these last few weeks until Christmas break. He is teaching a class on the life of Christ and another on Homiletics.
Also, on a silly note, we've had what we call spirit week at Harvest Bible College this month. For a week all the HBC students got to dress up and have fun. And, it really helped in distracting us from not being able to come home for Thanksgiving.
With Christmas break coming soon, I was allowed the opportunity to get to go back home to Oklahoma in the states for a few weeks. Even though I won't exactly be in a foreign country, wherever I go is my mission field and I would love God to use me in any way He wants. Please, pray that God will continue to have His way in me as we are going into the month of December.