Cyberbullying Advice

This will help you if you are being cyberbullied

Different Kinds of Cyberbullying

  • Flaming and Trolling- “Sending or posting mean messages intended to “inflame” the emotions of others."

  • Photo-shopping- “Altering digital images so that the main subject is placed in a compromising or embarrassing situation.”

  • Physical Threats- “Sending messages that involve threats to a person’s physical safety”

  • Rumor Spreading- “Spreading gossip through e-mail, text messaging, or social networking sites.”

  • Happy-Slapping- “Recording someone being harassed or physically bullied, then posting the video online for everyone to see.”

  • Impersonation- “Stealing someone’s password and taking over their online accounts to send or post incriminating or humiliating pictures, videos, or information.”

  • Identity Theft- “Stealing someone’s password and taking over their online accounts to send or post incriminating or humiliating pictures, videos, or information.”

Advice for Gaming Cyberbullying

  1. Save the evidence. Take a screenshot and save it then show a trusted adult so they can help you stop the bully from harming you again.
  2. Don't respond the bully, he/she might just want you to respond so they can bully you even more.
  3. You can add the gamer on your ignore list so that they can’t communicate with you or you can just block them.
  4. Report threats of harm. If the cyber bully threatens harm to you, report it immediately. A trusted adult will help you stop the bully.
  5. You never know who is cyberbullying you because it is through a computer.

Advice/Tips for Texting/IM/ e-mailing cyberbullying

1.Try to view cyberbullying from a different perspective. The cyberbully is an unhappy, frustrated person who wants to have control over your feelings so that you feel as badly as they do. Don't give them the satisfaction.

2. Don’t respond or cyberbully back to the person that is cyberbullying you, or it might make things worse.

3. Save the evidence so that when you tell an adult you can show them the evidence and the adult won’t think you are lying.

4. Don’t respond back because a reaction is what the bully might want.

Advice/ Tips for Social Media Cyberbullying

  1. Block the person who is cyberbullying you or report them, When you block someone on Instagram they can’t see your profile or you can’t see the person’s profile that you blocked.

  2. If the cyberbully hacked your account that may mean that you didn’t make a strong password. Your password should be at least 8 characters long and it can have symbols, capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and it shouldn’t have any personal information or anything too obvious.Make a stronger password so that the cyberbully can’t hack you again.

  3. Print or screenshot the evidence of you being cyber bullied for proof and people don’t think your lying.

  4. Tell a trusted adult and they might be able to help put a stop with the situation.