the Catcher in the Rye


Why do you think many readers identify so closley with Holden Caulfield?

i think many readers identify so close with Holden Caulfield because im sure many people can relate to him, especially young teens because he is a teenager dealing with dramatic struggles. he stands for a typical teenager.

what do you know about the historical events prior to and during this time?

some historical events that took place during this time is the Chinese assault on the US lines, unemployment also dipped to 3.3%.

explain what "he criticized the values of this time and resisted becoming a conventional memeber of his society.

what that means is that he was rebellious and he did not want to be a member of his society, he doesn't want anything to do with society and wants to be left alone.

what were conventional norms then?

the roles for them were the man went to work and maintain his family, the wife stayed home, cooks cleans, and takes home of her children, the children just go to school and go home.

why was the book banned?

the book was banned because of the vulgar language, it also included alcohol abuse, prostitution, and inappropriate phrases.

what causes were Americans committed to at that time and how did it impact societal change?

the causes they were committed to at that time were just to play the roles they were supposed to, the man worked, the wife stayed homed, and the children went to school. this impacted societal change because after several years we changed this and men and women now have equal rights.