Hudson Hawk Band Updates

Week of 12/12/2022

Last Week of the Semester

We had a great week last week, with 2 wonderful beginner band rehearsals, a holiday tour, and the GISD All-District Clinic/Concert. I will share pictures and fun details of all of these events later this week.

We are looking forward to our Holiday Concerts on Monday and Tuesday of this week and a fun end to the semester. We can't wait to see you all at the concerts and show off what we've been working on!

Beginner Band Holiday Concert

Monday, Dec. 12th, 6-7pm

3901 Miles Road

Sachse, TX

The Beginner Band will stay after school on the concert day, walk over to Sachse High School after school, and rehearse once more before the performance that evening. Students will wear their band t-shirt, jeans/dark PANTS, and festive accessories. Doors will open to parents and guests for seating at 5:45pm. Please make sure to adhere to the district's clear bag policy.

If you are a Beginner Band parent who drives a truck or a large SUV and you could help us transport large instruments at 4:15pm on Monday, December 12, please email Mrs. Becker to offer your help.

Beginner Band Families - Read This

Beginner students must wear their band shirt (with Be Consistent on the back) and jeans or dark pants to school on Monday. They can also bring holiday accessories to add to their outfit for the concert. They will stay after school and we will walk together across the street to Sachse High School. They will bring all of their belongings with them and we will have a few vehicles to help transport larger instruments.

Once we get to Sachse High School, they will rehearse for approximately 45 minutes before the concert begins. The concert starts at 6:00pm and doors will open to parents/guests at 5:45pm. The Hudson Band will be performing first, and the Hawk Band will sit in the audience to watch. Then we will switch. Both performances will be over at approximately 6:50pm.

If you ordered the Italian Dinner, it will be served in the cafeteria annex immediately following the Beginner Band performances.

After both bands have finished performing, we will release parents to the cafeteria while students go put their instruments away and gather their belongings. Students will meet you in the cafeteria after they have finished getting their stuff and are free to leave at that time.

The Sachse HS Bands will be performing their holiday concert beginning at 7:15pm if you would like to stay and watch them as well. The more, the merrier!

Advanced Bands Holiday Concert - TIME CHANGE

Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 6:30-7:45pm

3901 Miles Road

Sachse, TX

All Advanced Band students will need to arrive at Sachse HS at 5:45pm to warm-up. WS & HB students will wear their concert/contest uniform provided by the school. (Girls will need close-toed, flat-soled black dress shoes and boys will need a solid white button down dress shirt with a full collar and solid black dress shoes and tall socks). Symphonic Band students will dress up in fancy clothes (girls skirts/dresses must reach the mid-shin or wear leggings underneath if they do not and boys need a collared shirt and tie).

Doors will open to parents and guests for seating at 6:15pm.

Advanced Band Families - Read This

The Advanced Bands concert is on Tuesday at Sachse High School. Students will go home after school using their normal method and need to change into their concert attire and be back at Sachse HS at 5:45pm. Wind Symphony and Honors Band will wear their uniform that was sent home with them on Friday. Please ensure boys are wearing long black socks and no ankles are visible below the pants. Girls also need to be wearing close-toed black shoes. Symphonic Band students should dress up for the concert (please keep in mind that the stage is elevated if girls choose to wear skirts or dresses - leggings are your best friend!).

All band students should enter through the band hall on the right side of the school (near the garage door and awning) and proceed to their warm-up location. Auditorium doors will open to parents at 6:15pm.

All students are required to watch the other bands perform and will be receiving a grade for both their audience etiquette as well as their performance.

We anticipate the entire concert to be over by 7:45pm at the latest.

Pajama Elf Movie Dodgeball Extravaganza Party

The Fall 50 Day Practice Challenge paper is due Monday! If students practice for 50 out of the 63 days on the paper (beginning Sunday, October 9), they will be invited to the Pajama Elf Movie Dodgeball Extravaganza Party on Wednesday, December 14. Parents need to initial each box on the days the student practices and a practice session must be at least 20 minutes long. The party will begin right after school and will end at 6:30pm. Students who attend the party need to be picked up in the back of the school by the band hall. (Near door #10).

WS & HB Boys Uniform Info

Due to supply chain and cost issues, we are having a very hard time getting our boys tuxedo shirts for their concert/contest uniforms this year. We have made the decision to forgo the tuxedo shirt and instead have the boys wear a solid white, button down, full collar dress shirt under their vests for concert/contests. Please make sure your Honors Band or Wind Symphony boy has this shirt by our holiday concert on December 13th.

School-Owned Instrument Usage Fees

If your student is using a school owned instrument (or is a percussionist), the school-owned instrument usage fee has been added to your student's Charms account. Woodwind and Brass players will now see a fall and spring fee for $25 each, or $50 for the whole year. Percussionists will see a fall fee for $25.

Oboes, bassoons, bass clarinets, tenor saxes, bari saxes, French horns, euphoniums, tubas, and the few students who play a different instrument that is owned by the school will see that fee now and can pay it by cash, check (made out to Hudson Band Boosters), or through Charms (using Paypal).

This fee was originally supposed to be paid in Skyward, but we are adjusting the process for ease of charge and payment.

If you have any questions or have any issues logging in to Charms to check on fees, please let me know and I am happy to help!

Big picture

Repeat Information

Advanced Band Supplies

Please make sure your student in the Wind Symphony, Honors Band, or Symphonic Band have their required supplies for this year. We are using the Foundations for Superior Performance book in all band classes and many students do not yet have the book. We are also beginning to work on tuning and if your student does not still have their tuner/metronome from beginner band, they will need one ASAP.

Switching to BAND app over Remind

Because our band has grown so big, we can no longer use Remind. We have reached the maximum participants in multiple classes and do not have space for more unless we upgrade our account (which costs more than we wish to spend). We will be switching messaging services to the BAND app (which the Sachse HS band also uses) to align our cluster. Please sign up for the appropriate class(es) for your student. We will NO LONGER be using Remind, so if you were just signed up for band, you will not need that app/number any longer. Thanks for understanding!

22-23 ALL HMS Band Students/Parents

Beginner Band

Symphonic Band

Honors Band

Wind Symphony


Band Fees

Because our school band budget is so small, we have to charge a band fee so that we can provide the best music education experience for all our band students. This band fee covers all instructional materials (band binder and all its contents), band shirt, contest entry fees, solo accompanist fees, performance music, music theory subscription, transportation, meals before performances, incentive days, and so much more. We set up our band fees to be collected up front (or split into payments), so that we are not constantly asking for $5 here, $7 there, etc.

This year, you can pay band fees through cash or check (made out to Hudson Band Boosters), Paypal through Charms (watch this video to walk you through the Charms system), and for the first time - credit card through the band website. Visit the band website and enter the password HawkBD2223 to enter the secure page and pay online. Please consider adding the optional donation to your cart to cover the credit card fees we incur using this convenient service.

If you have a financial hardship, please communicate with us so we can help you. We never want a student to be unable to participate due to finances and will do everything we can to work with your family and ensure your student is included.

Private Lessons Filling Up

Our private teachers are THE BEST and their schedules are starting to fill up. If you are going to sign up for private lessons, DON'T WAIT - TURN IN THE ENROLLMENT FORM ASAP.

The single biggest investment you can make in your student's musical advancement is signing them up for private lessons. Return the private lesson enrollment form to get your student started ASAP. Lessons are $20 each week and the fee is paid directly to the instructor.

Log in to Charms

Please take a moment this week to log in to Charms.

Log in as a parent/student/member

The school code is hudsonsoundmachine

The password for first time users is your student's GISD ID number (should be 6 digits)

For non-first time users, your password should be your student's ID with their capitalized initials in front (i.e. HB123456) unless you've changed it to something else.

Please update contact information (add adults as necessary), check your student's birthday ID, instrument, etc. and make changes as necessary. If you have questions or have difficulty logging in, please contact Mrs. Becker.

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