SCC Elem GT News

Volume 1, Issue 5

TAG Fair!

Tuesday, April 26th, 12:30-2:45pm

Pocahontas, IA, United States

Pocahontas, IA

The 3rd grade students will participate in a TAG fair at the Pocahontas HS/MS gym. More information will come this week! The students have been working so hard, and now they will get a chance to show it off!


Thursday, April 7th, 2:30-8pm

330 Brower Street

Rockwell City, IA

Due to Iowa Jazz Championships on Tuesday, April 8th, conferences will be held on one day. I will attend the conferences of the math students I teach, and I will be available if anyone else wants to visit! Stop by and check out the student projects! We can have their display boards up!

Independent Research

We have been working on individual research projects for two months. Our topics include: September 11, Airplane Disasters (why planes crash), Tornadoes, Titanic, WWII, Computer Coding, Animal Camouflage, and Machine Guns. We are nearing the end of our research, so we are in a variety of places in the process.

ITAG - Legislative Session, Wk. 10

The link for the legislative session recap. Page 2-8 describes the bills pertaining to education and if they are Alive or Dead.

86th General Assembly, 2016, Week 10