Jamie Kern Lima

By: Briana Class, Haley Langevin, Rebecca Crockett


Jamie Kern over came many different situations that where tough for her. She was determined to get her product to the top and start a company in which would help people with different skin types, hide anything. She had deepest insecurities but wasn't afraid so go out there, on live tv for the world to see... That helped her launch ITcosmetics.


Jamie had the vision and felt every girl was pretty in their own skin. Accoring to Jamie "At IT Cosmetics, our mission is to make the world more beautiful through our products, through our actions, and through our belief that every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel her most beautiful."

Self belief and flexibility

Jamie kern took a huge leap into self belief when she decided to expand her company world wide. She was also very flexibly when things weren't going as planned. She took a risk and expanded to make more money so she could keep her business going. She kept her mind set on her goal and adjusted whenever she needed to.


Jamie Kern started out as a news anchor who has the Rosacea disease which are red blotches that are extremely hard to cover using makeup. So she would wear makeup while being on television and her blotches would still show so she poured her heart and soul into making makeup. the product she created was aimed towards "real woman" and would help cover imperfection. She wanted to help woman feel comfortable in their own skin without have a cake face.

Tolerence and Ambiguity

Jamie Kern Lima took a very large step to get to where she is. First she had to find an ingredient that would help cover imperfections without having a caked look. So it took a very long time in order to find the perfect ingredients. She went all natural which some people didn't like, so going out in public without makeup was another big step. Selling her company to L'Oreal was another big step because she would now be selling her product all over the world and it gave her uncertainty because she didn't know if the products would sell or not.

Rule breaking

Jamie Lima spent many years going to college and making a living as a news anchor. She decided to quit and make a company of her own. Many companies are owned by men and co owned by woman who thought of the idea. Jamie created this company all on her own with a little bit of help from friends. She didn't want a man to own her company, because it was hers. This intelligent woman made head lines everywhere and showed woman across the world that they can do whatever