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King Arthur is Discovered!!!

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The Discovery that Castus a Light on King Arthur

Breaking News: King Arthur is Lucius Artorius Castus!!! (as you may have already been informed of) But here is a look into who Lucius really was and how he is King Arthur. I talked to a Sir via horse and he said that "Castus would likely have faded forever into the dark corners of history if not for his name. Artorius is an exceedingly rare Roman nomen, or family name"..."and thus it is possible to conceive of an etymology in which "Artorius" became "Arthur."" Castus has a middle name, or second first name, or first last name, etc. that is Artorius. That makes him a likely candidate for Arthur. His name Artorius, in Roman as a family name, means Arthur. If his name is Arthur, he might have more clues leading him to be the King Arthur proving thoroughly to the non-believers not only there was a King Arthur but that it was this guy. Next, I met with the famous writer on Medieval Times Linda A. Malcor. "One of the contenders for the historical King Arthur is a virtually unknown Roman soldier by the name of Lucius Artorius Castus." She says. She adds that "Castus has gained in popularity over the years as more has been deduced about him and the period in which he lived." Lucius Artorius Castus has been a contender over the years for being a Roman Soldier. Over the years people have thought of him more as a stronger contender also because of the time period he lived in. Lucius Artorius Castus was a Roman Soldier. Arthur was a soldier. He lived in the Middle Ages at the time of Arthur. Those are two very strong clues in favor of Lucius. Finally I met with the foreign Gordd Cymru. He said that "Castus has two inscriptions, carved in stone, that date to the 190s, that name him as the defender of western Britain" It is said from the 190's A.D. that Castus is the defender of Western Britain. Castus is literally written in stone to be a leader of Britain. That just screams "I AM KING ARTHUR!" I mean, does it get any clearer than that? It's in the same time period, and same place. Sounds pretty clear.

Medieval Knievel

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The Joust

Hear Yea, Hear yea! The joust between Sir Gregory and Lord Henry is scheduled to be in Colchester. Get your tickets to see them joust for Lady Jacquelyn. Tickets on sale now.

Sir Frederick's Torture

Come on down to Sir Frederick's Torture Devices. We offer rope, knives, swords for hand to hand combat, and you name it, sharp anything. Stretch your pence farther, on sale now: a Rack. (Torturee gets tied to two bars and the bars get farther apart until limbs come off) Job openings available, need to know how to care for torture devices, classes open for training.


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