Solar Energy

By: Claire

How Solar Energy works

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy comes from the sun. The energy is sent from the sun to earth. This power is really the work of invisible solar cells, this process is known as Solar radiation. Solar radiation makes solar energy possible. Solar energy is scattered, reflected, transmitted, or absorbed into the air. A fraction of this energy is harmful like UV light so we need to protect ourselves from the Sun which we then need the use of sun screen. Electricity can be produced from photo voltaic (P.V cells). They are cells which begin the process of Solar Energy.
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How solar works

First the sun shines and creates energy. Then the energy soaked and stored in solar panels. After the collected energy it is sent into the building's electric panel. So now energy can be used throughout the house at any time.

Solar uses

Solar energy creates electricity which then is sent to where you need the energy. For example a solar light, it has a solar panel on it and in the day it soaks up all the energy the sun provides. Then at night it shines by using the electricity it absorbed during the day. Other ways of solar uses are solar panels they do the same and absorb the rays of the sun and then uses electricity on home appliances like home lights, TV and power point switches.

The difference between solar and wind energy

Solar and wind energy both create electricity and are a source of renewable energy. Although they are similar they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The difference between solar and wind energy is:

1. Solar energy is more efficient and sturdy because it is more expandable and easy to adjoin

2. Solar energy is less intrusive considering that in wind energy turbines are very large and solar it takes up a minimum amount of space


3. Solar panel systems cost a great amount for entry

4. wind energy is much more efficient due to the fact that it con be used any time of the day if it is windy