by Taylor Hicks

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is where people who are bored or are even upset at something, go online and cause harm to people, using harsh words against them. It's a way to get the attention they want when they aren't doing so well or are also being bullied. Lastly, it's a type of bullying that follows kids out of school making it impossible to get rid of.

How is Cyberbullying different in other forms of bullying?

Cyber bullied is different than other forms of bullying because if you were to get bullied at school you could simply tell a principle and resolve the issue, or transfer to a new school, as for on the internet, they can just keep making new emails and profiles to constantly mess with and hurt you.

How to keep from being bullied.

To help you keep from being bullied, you should set your privacy settings to strict and you should also never put personal information or say mean things to other people.

What to do when being bullied on the internet.

Step one you should block them and report it so the matter can hopefully be delt with.

Lastly, you should either delete your profile/email and make a new clean one with harder to guess names.

Why shouldn't you respond to rude or mean messages? What should you do instead?

You should not respond because it’s exactly what they want you to do but also because it just makes the situation worse. You should instead report it and try everything you can to block them.

Stand Up to Cyberbullying

Internet safety rules.

1. Set your privacy settings on.

2. Never add or talk to anyone you don’t know.

3. Never put out personal information.

4. Report any aggressive messages.

5. Don’t respond to any insulting messages.

6. Only tell your parents your password

Netiquette Rules

1. Use correct grammar and spelling.

2. Keep a positive attitude.

3. Use good tone.

4. Be respectful.