Cougars ROAR: TEMS Community News

Issue II: October 21, 2022

Principal's Message

Greetings Timothy Edwards Families-

What a busy month we have had! It has been wonderful to be able to resume middle school traditions at Timothy Edwards. We welcomed our sixth graders with team trips to Winding Trails for team building and outdoor fun. Both our sixth and eighth graders had their first dance, and we are beginning to plan a dance for our seventh graders. Fall matinees and athletics are well underway and our teams are doing great! The TEMS Walk-A-Thon was held Thursday and next week we are looking forward to our first spirit week, with each day in school centered around a different theme.

November serves as a great opportunity for us all to consider what we are thankful for. Each day I am grateful to come to TEMS and interact with such an incredible group of students, educators, and staff. We have a lot to look forward to this month as well. Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled on November 15th, 17th, and 18th. Look for communication from homeroom teachers about available meeting times to learn more about how your child is doing in school.

Have a great long weekend, and for those who celebrate- Happy Diwali!

Important Dates

Please click here to see a month-at-a-glance for November. You can also reference the school event's calendar that can be found on the school's website.

Thank You!! Walk-A-Thon Updates

As of this morning our students and families have raised $24,000 for the TEMS PTO. This money supports individual teachers and teams to provide resources and opportunities for TEMS students. From the bottom of our hearts- thank you for registering, sharing, and contributing to our annual fundraiser. We were all very excited to enjoy a beautiful day outside walking yesterday while also enjoying Kona Ice

We will continue collecting donations until October 28th.

School Counseling Information

While School Counselors have met each student through their early September “Meet & Greet” visits to classrooms, Counselors will now begin their more formal and standards based classroom lessons. Upcoming lessons are as follows:

  • Grade 6 - “Meet & Greet” lesson was longer and more in depth than at other grade levels, and included detailed information about TEMS logistics, especially regarding supports that are available to students, and how to access those supports.

  • Grade 7 - Creating SMART Goals for the school year in the areas of academic achievement, career/future planning, and/or social/emotional health. These 3 areas represent the School Counseling domains in which all School Counseling work centers upon. To learn more about SMART Goals, click here

  • Grade 8 - Learning Self-Advocacy skills and how to respectfully approach other people to share your perspective in hopes of changing something in your life. Additionally, this lesson will introduce the high school options available to students next year as 9th graders.

Stay Engaged: What Does Parent Engagement Look like at the Middle School?

The connection between home and school is one of the most important relationships that help ensure that our children are well supported towards realizing their individual success. Though middle school family engagement might not look like it did in elementary school, there are so many ways to be engaged. Here are a few ideas to stay connected:

  • Attend PTO Meetings- This is a great way to ask and answer questions directly with TEMS teachers and administration.
  • Approach homework with positivity- The purpose of homework is to offer practice of key content and skills to build towards mastery. Homework is assigned to help build independence and also provides families with a window into the classroom.
  • Monitor PowerSchool- We aim to keep grades as current as possible, check to see how your child(ren) are doing.
  • Contact our staff- You know your child(ren) best- communicating with school counselors, teachers, administration, and support staff help to make sure we have necessary information to support each child.
  • Emphasize a growth mindset- Middle school is HARD- and not just because of the content they are studying. Students are navigating adolescence, friendships, and learning. It is important that we celebrate success, and learn from failure.
  • Help establish routines and structures- Help make sure that our middle schoolers are sleeping enough, eating well, and taking care of themselves so they are ready to tackle each day.
  • Stay Aware- Students have access to so much information (and misinformation) with cell phones and other technology. Consider parental limits and open conversations about the safety of social media.
  • Keep children in school- Attendance is important. Of course we encourage children who are unwell to stay home, but when they are well we need them here.
  • Attend athletic games and other student events- Come cheer on the sidelines or in the audience for our TEMS athletes, musicians, competitors, and performers.
  • Attend family information nights- We will be hosting upcoming family education events including substance abuse prevention and social media awareness. These are great opportunities to learn about key adolescent issues and work together to keep our children safe.
  • Help reinforce schoolwide expectations- We are committed to maintaining our schoolwide behavior expectations. Being familiar with the Cougars R.O.A.R. matrix will help align conversations at home and at school.


Even as children grow older and more independent, families play a key role in making sure students access learning opportunities and understand why attendance is so important for success in school and on the job. Families can also advocate for resources to help students learn if they cannot attend in-person. Click here for some other important attendance support ideas.

TEMS Parent- Teacher Organization

Our next PTO meeting is next Thursday, October 27th, at 6:00. We will be meeting in the TEMS Library Media Center. Come to discuss current happenings at TEMS. We will be joined by a member of the South Windsor Education Fund, who will be sharing information about their organization.

Tech Tip for Families: News from Our Technology Content Coach

Mrs. Debbie Matchett is our school's Technology Content Coach. She supports educators, students, and families in navigating technological tools that can enrich educational experiences.

To obtain a better understanding of the apps and games that are available to your student, visit Common Sense Media. As a parent, you can access age-based ratings and reviews on apps, games, movies, tv, books, and podcasts. Additionally, there is a Parent Tips and FAQ section that provides rich information on topics and platforms that are prevalent among our students.

Teaching and Learning: News from Our Instructional Coaching Team

Mrs. Alison Fetta and Mr. Kent Besocke are instructional coaches that support faculty and staff in providing instruction that meets the needs of our diverse learners at TEMS.

To support your child’s growth mindset, focus on the process rather than the final result. Praise the effort and hard work that went into their successes, and celebrate mistakes as an opportunity to learn. If you’re concerned about the final outcome, consider the following questions instead:

  • Are they growing and learning?

  • Is their work improving?

  • Are they making changes based on the feedback I (or others) have given?

For more ideas on giving positive feedback to your child, see Big Life Journal.

TETV Morning News

The daily TETV Morning News serve as our primary vehicle for communicating important information to students each day. This is where students can learn about upcoming events, tryouts, clubs and activities, and current events. In addition to playing during homeroom each day you can access the daily news on our school website.

TEMS Library Media Center

It has been a busy couple months here in the TE LMC. It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet and get to know the sixth graders and re-connect with seventh and eighth grade students.

Just a couple reminders:

Students can check out up to three physical items at once in addition to a combination of 3 e-Books or e-audiobooks through Destiny Discover, our school’s virtual library. This digital content is accessible to your student 24/7; they will never get an overdue e-mail notice for the digital content they’ve checked out because once it expires, it disappears off their account.

Speaking of electronic overdue notices- these are sent out to students’ Gmail account and to a parent or guardian every Tuesday. These are just friendly reminders to have students either bring their library materials to be renewed or returned. Students will not be fined for late books, but will be fined for damaged or lost books.

If you and your child want to learn more about how to access and use TE’s virtual collection, please check out this video.

Checking Out Digital Content from Destiny Discover

Athletic News

The regular season of fall sports is coming to a close. Students can be on the lookout for more information about tryouts for our winter sports-basketball and cheerleading. This information will be shared on TETV News and on the TEMS Winter Athletics webpage.

UCONN Writing Project

Mr. Stinchon and Mr. Millard will once again be running the after-school UCONN Writing Project club for students. If your child is an aspiring author or just generally interested in strengthening their writing, please encourage them to sign up and give it a try. See the flyer below for more information.
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Peace at Home Parenting: A Parent Education Resource

Peace At Home Parenting Solutions in collaboration with South Windsor Youth and Family Services now offers FREE online parenting classes. Included in this month's calendar are events that support youth and teen development. You are welcome to visit the catalog and can register by using the link below, your personal email, and the code below.

The login is :

Code: SWindsorPeace

South Windsor Teen Center

We value our partnership with South Windsor Youth and Family Services. Please see the information about upcoming events and resources below.
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