Tinker vs Des Moines, 1969

Freedom of expression in public schools

Back ground of the case

Through out the 1960's the Vietnam war was still going on. John Tinker, Mary Beth and Christopher Eckhardt, witch were students in Des Moines, decided to protest against the war and wear black armbands to the school in Des moines, Iowa. The school prohibited the arm bands, any students who wore the black arm band would get suspended.

Major players in the case

The major players in this case are John Tinker, Mary Beth and Christopher Eckhardt

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The Decision of the court

The courts final decision was a 7-2 decision the supreme court favored in Tinker and the students side wearing the arm band protected the 1st ammendment free speach act.

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The 10th ammendment gives the states authority over education. In 1943 the case West Virginia vs Barnette, the court struck on a law requiring students the salute the American flag witch gives them the right to the ammenments.

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