AP Env. Science AB: Week 16 Update

18/16/14 week Spring 2020

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This Week's Focus: Ethics and Legislation

We will finish our study of Water Pollution and Treatment and begin our study of Environmental Worldviews, Ethics, and Sustainability. Specifically, we will be studying worldviews, ecosystem capital, and environmental policy. More information about the content, the location of each handout, and helpful hints for each assignment can be found in the Module 13: Water Pollution and Treatment and the Module 14: Environmental Worldviews, Ethics, and Sustainability Course Resources.

I have prepared a variety of review resources here: http://www.mrskscience.com/ap-environmental-science/ap-exam and here: https://www.smore.com/xuwka. Your course content also has many review resources in the review module. Please plan to take advantage of these resources.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Emily Kroutil


470-238-8663 (call or text; please do not call after 8 PM)

Helpful Content Videos


DUE April 29 - assignments from April 22 through (and including) April 28

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DUE May 1 - assignments from April 29 through (and including) May 1

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Final Exam FAQs

1. When is the final exam?

The final exam window opens 12:00 am Saturday, May 2 (5/2) and closes at 11:59 pm Thursday, May 7 (5/7). Students must complete the exam during this window.

2. How long in the final exam?

The exam is 90 minutes. You must complete the exam in 1 sitting. No starting, pausing and returning later.

3. Where do I take the final exam?

The exam is online in our course under Quizzes. It will become active and be the last quiz link on 5/2. Some schools require the final exam be completed at school with a teacher present; others do not. You should check with your facilitator about your traditional school's policy on when the exam should be completed during the 5/2-5/7 window of availability. If your school does not require the exam be completed during the regular school day, it is recommended that you plan for a quiet, uninterrupted time to complete the exam during the 5/2-5/7 window.

4. What is the final exam worth?

The final exam is worth 20% of your course average.

5. Are we allowed to exempt the final exam?

No, GaVS does not allow for exam exemptions. All students must take the final exam.

6. What is on the exam?

The exam is comprehensive. It will cover all modules from our course.

7. How should I study for the final exam?

Attend the Jigsaw final exam reviews. Go through every test and quiz you've taken this semester and hand write the question, the correct answer, and why the correct answer is correct for EVERY question you've missed. This will result in a review that is specifically tailored to your weaknesses. If you notice that you struggled with a certain concept, go back and watch the synchronous session that covered that concept or explore the resources in the Module's Course Resources Newsletter.

AP Exam FAQs

1) When is the AP Exam?
The AP Exam is May 11, 2020 at noon. You should arrive at your testing location early,. Eat a good breakfast and lunch. Bring a snack, drink, #2 pencils, and a BLUE or BLACK pen. A graphing calculator is now allowed on the exam

2) How long is the AP Exam?

The multiple choice section of the AP exam is 90 minutes and includes 80 multiple choice questions. The FRQ section of the AP exam is also 90 minutes and includes 3 FRQs.

3) Where do I take the AP Exam?

Please talk to your counselor and testing coordinator at your school. They will know where you should report to take your AP Exam.

Synchronous Help Session

Tuesday, April 28th 2020 at 8-9pm

This is an online event.

AP Exam/Final Exam Review Session - I will be reviewing for the final exam/AP Exam. Click this LINK to join the session.
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