Essential Question 5

War On Terror

First Reason

The first reason on why U.S. has a lot of conflicts with Islamic militant groups is that we withdrew help. After the cold war, the U.S. withdrew support from Afghanistan. This angered all of the Afghans because we promised them help after the war. Afghanistan was left in ruins because of the war, and they were in desperate need for help. We thought that since we were done with the war our job is done, so we suspend all economic and military aid from Afghanistan

Second reason

The second reason why U.S. experiences a lot of conflicts with Islamic militant groups is how much the United States supports Israel. Israel is the United States main ally, and we give them the most money out of all the countries. The reason why Afghanistan is angered by this is because all the Palestinian muslims lost their home country when Israel came to be. They believe that all of it should be Palestine not just west bank and the Gaza Strip.

Third Reason

The third reason why U.S. and Islamic militant groups don't get along is because of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian peninsula is considered sacred ground to muslims because of two holy cities (Mecca and Medina). The U.S. set up bases at these places so that Osama Bin Laden wouldn't want to move into those places. Muslims didn't appreciate this because it would mean that people that didn't worship the same religion as them would stay there for a long time.

Help or Hurt?

I believe that our actions have hurt our image to the world. I believe this for many different reasons. One of them is that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are still in Afghanistan. This is bad because our main goal of this war was to eliminate the terrorist groups in Afghanistan, but we obviously didn't succeed. Another reason on why this hurt our image is that the U.S. still has troops in Afghanistan to this day. They are peaceful, but if we did what we originally wanted to, we wouldn't need them to still be there. Another additional reason on how this hurt our image is that 5% of the United State's GDP goes to the Afghanistan war and that over 2000 citizens of the United States were killed from the war. Every hour, taxpayers in the United States are paying $10.17 million for cost of war in Afghanistan.