School System

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Components of school system

  • Classrooms, offices, libraries, gyms, apparatus,
  • tools and instruments, books, computer lab.
  • wash room change room and playing fields.
  • Teachers, administration staff, examiners, inspectors, janitors, students.

What task does school system perform?

The purpose of us going to school is that so we can grow up into wonderful smart ladies & gentlemen, for us to get an good education now here are for facts about what task school systems performs.

• Support students in setting personal learning goals
• Facilitate student involvement and learning in decision-making regarding their own learning and the use of power and responsibility in the classroom and school
• Create a culture of care and community where students learn to support one another and take responsibility for the well being of each other and the total community
• Facilitate students learning together in a diverse groups where they learn how to value contributions of others and manage productive group work
• Teach students who are functioning at many differing levels of ability together in heterogeneous mixes
• Assess student skills and learning styles to facilitate learning and promote personal excellence

lets say health care system wasn't a system...

If health care system wasn't on Canada system list than we would not have an organization of people, institutions, and resources that deliver health care services to meet the health needs of target populations.