Codologie Current Events

December 2018


All 16 classes across our 4 Codologie schools have now had their winter showcases, in which students answered Benchmark Unit 3's Essential Question, "What role can we play in the balance of nature?" by studying the National Parks that our country has established to protect its natural beauty.

They tied in their Codologie learning by integrating LEDs into their dioramas, which they programmed to light up in a variety of patterns when they push a button. Our students did an amazing job making the LEDs meaningful to their diorama and not only setting up all the wiring, but also keeping wires out of sight - a difficult task that is important to aesthetics.

We hope you were able to attend a showcase. If not, keep an eye out for our spring showcase schedule! In the meantime, check out the pictures and videos below.





Created by Heather Boling

Heather is AESD's Bytes & Bots Digital Learning Coach, supporting Codologie at Ross, Stoddard, Ponderosa, and Jefferson Elementary Schools and Buildologie at Ross. She writes curriculum, coaches the Bytes & Bots mentors, and supports teachers in a variety of ways.