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Published: May 13th, Updated: May 15



We will have required reading this summer AND we will have a reading contest. Books will be purchased for kids and sent home on the last day of school (6th and 7th graders). We will deliver books to 5th graders at their elementary schools.
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Cooper Cross Country

Any boy or girl interested in running cross country this next school year for Cooper high school, there will be a parent-athlete meeting on Tuesday May 21 at 6pm in the Cooper library. This is open to any boy or girl who will be in grade 7-12 for the 2019-2020 school year.”

Cooper HS PTSO Board

The Cooper PTSO Board is still looking to fill spots for the 2019-2020 school year! Please consider joining or even volunteering for any event! It’s WAY easier than middle & elementary boards ;) Please contact for more info or check out the PTSO’s webpage linked to Cooper’s page or follow us on FB!

End of Course Final Exams are May 16, 17, 20, 22, and 23

May 16: 8th grade only ELA Assessment

May 17: 6th and 7th grade ELA Assessment

May 20: Math Assessment

May 22: Science Assessment

May 23: Social Studies Assessment

We will operate on a 2-hour delay schedule within our normal 7:40-2:30 schedule. The first two hours of the day will be in the assessment, the rest of the day will operate on what we typically run on a 2-hour delay.

8th Grade Promotion to High School


May 23rd

at Bally

**With a small class this year, we have plenty of room for family members young and young at heart. No RSVP required. No tickets. Please come celebrate with our 8th graders for the first promotion of Bally students.

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  • Cheer: May 13 and 14 (5-7pm) and May 17th (2:30-4:30 for 7th and 8th graders) (4:30-5:30 for incoming 6th graders)
  • Volleyball: July 22-26


  • Archery: June 3-7
  • Elementary Volleyball: June 3-5

8th Grade Kings Island Trip

  • May 17th
  • · Leaving BMS between 9:15-9:30

  • · Leaving KI between 6:45 – 7:00
  • · Students will be permitted to walk around with their friends; however, they will be required to check-in with their 3rd period teacher at times in front of the Eiffel Tower: upon arrival to KI, 1:00, 3:30, 6:15 (for departure) –times may also change depending on when we actually arrive to KI
  • · Remind: Text @8h8f6eg (must use the @ first) to 81010 to get notifications

Bally Regional Awards Night

May 21st


Bally Gym

We will be recognizing the following students:

Peytton Scott

Kelsey Ratcliff

Addison Caravona

Steven Stricker

Simone Bessong

Ben Turner

Braedon Ryle

Tanvi Rakesh

Cole Oates

Maison Canfield

Spencer Payton

Brendan Joehnk

Caleb Brooks

Drew Schilling

Maxwell White

Chase Gartner

Eli White

Logan Dean

Trevor Ollier

Anne-Marie Lusk

Edyn Priar

Emma Woltenberg

Zoe England

Alexya Rogers

Ashlyn Angel

Brieanna Angel

Caroline Kemper

Chloe Knight

Clare Proctor

Alaynah Henson

Alexis DeHaven

Ava Praleikas

Kaylin Farrington

Kirsalyn Thompson

Nevaeh Nicholson

Maddie Gray

Natali Capek

Sarah Clay

Addison Timon

Adison Wardrup

Bianca Smith

Ella Richards

Joslyn Widrig

Liana Welch

Macaylee Nelson

Makenna Mangus

Molly McGrath

Nicolette Luna

Pyper Viscuso

Taylor Skinner

Avrielle Christen

Ella Locke

Kennedy Eha

Delaney Eary

Tanvi Rakesh

Divya Naidugari

Lyla Chadwick

Alexis Woolf

Sadie Smith

Kay Freihofer

Whitney Lind

Kiana Dinn

Liz Freihofer

Logan Luebbers-Palmer

Ally Johnson

Holland Morris

Justin Melvin

Caroline Kemper

Kaylin Farrington

Gaven Mueller

Bradlee Reed-Whalen

Zachary Eckler

Jacob Eckler

Bradlee Reed-Whalen

Jacob Eckler

Zachary Eckler

Lucas Hansen

Justin Melvin

Lauren McMillen

William Faulkner

Bradlee Reed-Whalen

Danielle Lense

Zachary Eckler

Ava Scott

Jordan Day

Alexis Woolf

Kathrynne Day

Sadie Smith

Bella Deere

Kendall Palmer

Kiana Dinn

Liz Freihofer

Logan Luebbers-Palmer

Austin Woolf

Logan Daugherty

What are we doing in SEL this week?


President: Kelly Lusk (

Vice President: Angie Lyle (

Treasurer: Denise Volz (

Secretary: Vacant

Volunteer Coordinator: Samantha Richards (

PTSO and SBDM Parent Reps

PTSO Board Candidates:

  • President: Kelly Lusk
  • Vice President: Monica Day
  • Secretary: Sonya Bessong
  • Treasurer: Cici Luna
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Heather Simpson

SBDM Candidates:

  • Sonya Bessong

  • Chrissy Dean

  • Brandi Ramsey
  • Laura Kletzien
  • Adrean Sasher
  • Clayton Keith Hayes
  • Crystal Schwab
  • Rick Manford

Elections will take place the last week of school. Please swing up to school to cast your vote.

  • 5/20 from 7-9am and 2-5pm
  • 5/21 from 5:30 to 7:30pm

Upcoming Dates


17: Cheer Tryouts

17: 8th grade to Kings Island

17, 20, 22, 23: Final Exams for All Students

20: Club Photos for Yearbook

21: No School and Regional Awards Night at 6pm at Bally

22: SBDM

23: 8th Grade Promotion at 7pm at Bally

24: Last Day for Students

29-June 2: 8th Grade trip to Washington DC


5: We Are Bally Day for Incoming New Students. 9-11am or 6-8pm

7: Schedule Pickup

9: First Dance of the Year from 7-9pm

14: First Day for Students

23: We Are Bally Night for students and their families


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School Number: 859-905-2620


Assistant Principal:

School Counselor:

School Resource Officer:

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District 2 Bus Garage: 859-586-0878

Board of Ed: 859-283-1003