Computer Safety

Safe Passwords

To make a safe password you want to have a small sentence and then make is simpler

like “1w3ntt0th35tor3t0d4y” and then you have a very strong password to use to store stuff.

How to store password

To store a password you can use some website like Lastpass, Onepass, or Dashlane. You could also store it in a safe place like you wallet, or in your house.

Computer Etiquette

Be nice to other people on the internet and do now be mean to people you do no know.
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Sitting Right

You want your hands on the keyboard, do not let your wrist lay on the keyboard.h Your head should be level, and your back should be straight.
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Never go back of the building, if you can they to contact the landlord.
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Backups are very important because they can save your files if anything bad happens to them. It usually takes 3 minutes to back them up.
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You can buy an external hard drive to have more space on your PC. You could also buy a USB flash drive.
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