CCS System Update

June 2021

CCS Recognized as a National Board Accomplished District

Recently, the Cullman City School System was recognized by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards as a National Board Accomplished District. We are one of three systems in Alabama with more than 20% of teachers having National Board Certification and among just a handful of systems in the nation.

This recognition is a true testament to the professional commitment of our teachers as well as the commitment from our board to support the NBCT program with incentives and recognitions. Mrs. Sharon Windham, our curriculum/assessment coordinator, plays a vital role in this process for our system.

According to Mrs. Windham, “We are blessed in Cullman City Schools to have such a vast talent of exceptional educators. Our teachers are continual learners and the different paths to their continual learning are through high quality professional development, advanced degrees and/or through the pursuit of their National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification. This continual self-review and growth is what makes the difference for our students. Our students benefit greatly from the professional growth of our National Board-Certified teachers. That is the advantage!”

She continued, “Our teachers have made this happen! Their desire to grow and improve for their students is the biggest incentive for our teachers. The importance of obtaining National Board certification has been supported for several years by the Cullman City Schools Board of Education and the Alabama State Department of Education. Incentives have been in place and have been improved over the years to encourage our teachers to pursue this certification. Once a teacher obtains certification, or renews, they are reimbursed for all of the fees associated with the process. In addition, mentors (some of our own) are provided to support teachers in their candidacy, as well as release time to complete components.”

copy of press release from National Board

Artist Honored

CCPS student Wilson Carter (1st place in K-2 Category) and CHS student Whitley Lawson (3rd place in 9-10 Category) were recently honored by the State Superintendent’s Visual Arts Exhibit. They were recognized at this week's CCS Board meeting.

Below: Wilson displays his award winning art

Mr. Kallhoff, Wilson, and Board Member Cheryl Harrison


We recently received notice that our ESSER II application was approved by the Alabama State Department of Education. With these funds we are funding 4 building-based math coaches, 2 mental health services coordinators, 2 part-time intervention teachers, and multiple after school tutors.

In addition to academics, we are using these funds to amplify our wireless access points and switches on all five campuses as well as adding assistive technology in our rooms that serve students with special needs.

Another use of these funds will be to enhance air quality, beginning with addressing many of our outdated HVAC systems at West Elementary.

2021 - 2022 In-Person Instructional Plan Developed

You may visit the CCS website to view our Post COVID In-Person Instructional Plan for the 2021-2022 School Year. This plan outlines how we will use our ESSER funds to maintain a safe environment for students and employees during the upcoming school year. The four main areas of the plan include:

1. Student/Staff Health and Safety

2. Continuity of Academic and Social Emotional Services

3. Home Screening

4. Periodic Review and Revision of our Plan.

Summer PD

Teachers, administrator and even our School Resource Officers are busy this summer with a variety of professional development activities. Learning never stops for our educators and we are proud of the hard work they put into becoming the best they can be and providing the best for our students.
Teachers in PD at the central office
CCPS and CCHS teachers in PD session.
Mr. Wiggins and colleague at CLAS conference
Mrs. Hall and Mr. Shannon at CLAS conference.
School Resource Officers following training.

Summer Meals Available

Our summer meal program is off to a great start. After two weeks, approximately 900 children have been served.

Any child in our area (18 years and younger) is eligible to receive summer meals free of charge. Children do not have to be enrolled in Cullman City Schools.

Drive through pick up locations: Cullman High (200 meal kits available) and West Elementary (300 meal kits available).

Pick up day: Tuesday

Pick up time: 10:30-12:30

Each child will receive 7 breakfast meals & 7 lunch meals.

Children must be in the vehicle in order to receive meals.

We appreciate our staff and students who are working to make the distribution go smoothly.

East CNP staff outside of West Elementary for meal distribution.
CHS students assisting with orange juice distribution.
CHS swim team students assist with meal distribution.

National Championship for CHS Fishing Team

Landon Franks and Brody Hopper recently won the coveted Bassmaster High School Classic championship.

The CHS anglers reached their five-bass limit with a 13lb, 1oz total at Eagle Mountain Lake in Texas to end up on top in the nine-boat field.

Congratulations gentlemen!

CHS anglers displaying national champ trophy.
CHS anglers lifting the championship trophy.

Tech Tally

Technology plays an important role in communication with our stakeholders. Through our school's websites, the CCS mobile app and messaging systems we are able to keep our stakeholders informed. Stakeholders are encouraged to use a variety of methods to access the most current and accurate information.

You can sign up for emergency, weather and school closing notifications here.

Visit the CCS website.

A review of website statistics indicates that our sites are important in the dispersion of information. Below are some interesting statistics for the past year.

CCS Website: 92,548 Total Visits

CHS Website: 62,060 Total Visits

CMS Website: 18,276 Total Visits

EES Website: 18,294 Total Visits

WES Website: 32,820 Total Visits

CCPS Website: 20,639 Total Visits

Statistics for our CCS mobile app:

Total app downloads: 2,988

App downloads in the past year: 777 (with spikes directly correlated to the beginning of the past school year and the CHS move to hybrid)

Connect with CCS Using Our App

The Bottom Line

graphic of CCS financial information spreadsheet

The month of May is 1) 67% into the fiscal year. Revenues were at 2) 69.25% while

expenditures were at 3) 63.32%. Our total net operations were 4) $1.7 M. Total assets were 5)

$9.9 M. We ended the month with a fund balance of 6) $9.76 M which brings us to 7) 3.83

months of reserves.

Next Update: July 2021