Why are we talking about it?

What is the purpose my special interest group?

My special interest group is a social movement.

I want to bring awareness to sex trafficking, I think it's important that we realize how free we actually are because there are young girls and older women across the world and even 5 hours away from us that are being sold off to men who see nothing but a body. They are being tortured and treated like actual slaves, they have no say in what happens in their life. They are physically, mentally and emotionally chained up.

I want to show people that we can help rescue these girls as long as we bring awareness to them.

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Why should you join my special interest group?

My goal is to bring awareness to sex trafficking, I want people to know that if they just spread the word about this issue that they could change lives and possibly rescue these girls from slavery.

You need to join this group because you are freeing women as we speak, the more you know the more you share and the more this information gets around. If society knows more they can help prevent more women go into this lifestyle and they can help take out the women that are already enslaved in it.

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How can we help them?

We are going to have meetings and services that will provide information about sex trafficking, go to rallies that will allow people to donate money to certain organizations that help rescue the young girls. Just going to the meet ups and learning about this will help shine a lot on modern day slavery.We're also going to talk about the things that these women have to go through, the fact that they can't see their families ever, also that they have no way of escaping.
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What are you going to get out of this?

I can't offer much, but the fact that you will get so much satisfaction when you help rescue these women from the torture they're enduring, you will also receive alerts through email or text which ever you prefer.

Another thing that you will benefit from the most, is knowing that you have helped a young girl find her freedom and the life she was born to live.

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