Foundations of Web Design

4/4-4/8: "Our life is what our thoughts make it!" Show Grit!

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Weekly Learning Goal:

Students will be able to create external and internal links to named anchors, create, modify and copy a Spry menu bar and image map, research, incorporate and analyze web color usage principles in a webpage, manage website links, and Web 2.0 technology.

Monday, April 4

Do Now: Review of Learning Scale

Instruction: Review of Ch 5 lesson 1, preview of ch 5 lesson 2 and complete skill for grading tomorrow

Exit Ticket: Compare and contrast internal and external links

Tuesday, April 5

Do Now: Learning Scale Reflection

Instruction: Review Lesson 3 and complete skill for grading tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 6

Read and discussion of Lessons 4-6 and complete skills activities for each lesson due for grading on Monday, April 11th.

Thursday, April 7

Continue your work on skills activities for lessons 4-6.

When you are done with the skills, answer the following questions on the Google Form - Click here

Friday, April 8

Reminder: All skills and questions assigned on Thursday are due Monday, April 11th.

When you are done, you may begin working on the study guide for Ch. 5 - Test Tuesday