Final Exam

By: Jacquelyn Burrer


Mount Everest

In Nepal, there is the tallest mountain on Earth which is part of the Himalayas Mountain Range. It is 29,029 feet tall which is well pretty high. People climb this mountain after training and working up to being able to reach the top. Even with being aware of all the dangers, people still make it their life's purpose to climb it.

What It Feels Like

When you climb Mount Everest, you are dealing with extremely cold temperatures. It doesn't even go above freezing. It physically can't. Because of these temperatures, people can die from frostbite, no oxygen, etc. It's a very difficult thing to do. Avalanches are a constant threat and they have claimed many lives. Fierce storms may blow up unexpectedly, trapping or blinding climbers. Shifting glaciers can open suddenly, creating deep crevasses, often hidden by snow. Because of all of these obstacles, bodies are piling up creating a name and a place. The Death Zone, is where most people well can't continue climbing because well you can't.

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