Management Body Meeting

Business Development

"Why a meeting?", you ask...

New talent has entered our Local Committee, and more importantly Business Development.

A set of brilliant new individuals with fresh ideas and unlimited enthusiasm will soon be inducted into Business Development and its up to us to make sure that they have an amazing start to this new journey of theirs.


Because your predecessors made sure they took the time to do the same for you when you were first brought into the organization. We are responsible for molding and creating new leaders, whether we have members directly under us or not.

Business Development | MB Meeting 2.0

Monday, Feb. 15th, 7-8pm

AIESEC Chennai Office, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Chennai, TN

Where we are right now....

Where we are right now is probably not where we planned to be when we first started off.
I have just one thing to say...

It is OKAY.

Nothing can happen overnight. We take time to reach our goals, and it's the journey we take that defines in exactly what fashion we arrive at our destination.
If you have problems, fears, insecurities, shortcomings, or anything at all tell me.
Help me help you. Everything that's holding us back, let's leave them behind and move forward.

If you're lost, losing focus, direction-less, or just feeling low in general, all you need to do is fall back on your support system, The Jäggers.


  • 19:00 - Check-ins
  • 19:05 - Updates
  • 19:20 - Are Our Plans Sound?
  • 19:35 - Walk The Talk - Being Who YOU Are
  • 19:45 - Fresh Talent - Tailoring Experiences and Being A Guide
  • 19:55 - Check-outs