Tech Tips!

February 11, 2016

Weekly Tech Tips

Looking to make your own icon on a Windows PC? In Chrome or Firefox, go to the page for which you want a shortcut, then triple click the address bar. The address will highlight. Click and drag it into the desktop, and you now have a desktop icon for it!

If a student is having trouble with a Google product not working correctly, such as not typing in a document, have the student try logging out, closing the browser, and going back in. This solves many Google problems.

Fun Link of the Week!

Google's Build With Chrome is a fun site where students can practice their engineering/building skills by building with virtual Legos. Students can build without a login.

Need Help? Contact Us!

Let us know if you need additional training on any technology-related item. Tammy May can meet with you at a time and place that fit your schedule. She can even work alongside you in the classroom to help you implement technology or to guide your students through a new tool.

You can email Chris or Tammy, or you can use the technology PD request form. You can also call Tammy at x8979 and leave a voicemail.

Don't forget that Tammy can come to your classroom for portfolio help!