how did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings

The camp change the prisoners as a person by changing their whole personality. It made them think more about their selves and pretty much just put them in survival mode to only care about themselves. The camp also taught them to not take so many things for granted they barely even got food. As a family? Well it pretty much just split them apart. The only family Elie had left was his father and there bond became very close. A relationship with other human being was probably a rare thing to have in camps like that. Many turned cold and didn't care about anyone but themselves. Towards the end of the novel when Elie and everyone else from the camp was in cargo wagons on there way to a different. People were throwing bread into the wagon. Most prisoners literally killed for a small piece of that bread.

Concentration Camps

3 themes in the novel "Night"

Three themes that identified in the novel "Night" were Inhumane, Father & son relationship, and faith. Inhumane is one of the themes out of many that I picked because it shows how non human, humans can actually get. Germans starved prisoners. Prisoners weren't allowed to have anything of there's brought with them. Made them run naked in weather almost unbearably cold. My second them was father & son relationship. I picked this as one of my themes because Elies only family left as far as he knew was his father. His sister and mother had gotten taken somewhere different than Elie and his father. In the book a lot of times all Elie wanted to do is make sure he was with his father no matter what. So Elie and his father had a very tight bond from beginning and grew throughout the book and at the end they had a relationship you could never imagine. My third theme was faith. Faith is one of my themes because in the book Elie experiences a lot of changes in his faith. At the beginning of the book when nothing has happened yet he wants to get a mentor and learn more about his faith. Then when he gets to the concentration camp he starts to question god. He wonders why god is doing this. He also experiences a time where he is worshiping a god who he doesn't believe in and Elie wonders why he is doing that. Why is he worshiping a god who doesn't even exist to him?

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being?

This reveals that me as a human being takes granted of the things I have. The book shows that I have a lot that I take granted of. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have the things I have like, a home, food, water, T.V, a phone etc.