Camp Bernie

The best Camp Bernie trip ever!

The activites

There are a lot of activities. There are

Archery: Also known as learning our shooting skills.

Stream echology: We catch invertebrates in the water and see if the stream is polluted or not.

Reptile show: We get to see all kinds of reptiles and animals.

Campfire: We get to dance, eat smores, and eat ice cream.

Low ropes course: We learn tight rope walking.

Climbing tower: We rock-climb 40 ft towers.

As you see, all of these activities are fun and educational.

Why you should go

There is a few main reasons why you should go.

1. It's educational and fun

2. You can hang out with old friends and we can meet new friends

3. You can gain some important information

4. It will encourage you to stand out

5. The food is great. You have pizza during lunch, turkey during dinner, ice cream for dessert, and yogurt, bagels, and hot chocolate during breakfast.

6. You just got to go there.


Don't lose out! Go to camp Bernie!

It's okay for everybody!

Even spoiled brats like it. Not a single person didn't like it. It's popular at this second. And I'm not exaggerating. There will be great times to come.

Have fun