3rd Grade Happenings

Monday, October 14, 2019


Last week was FIRE PREVENTION WEEK! Thank you to our Firemen for coming to HPS to teach us about fire safety!
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Last week we learned about bartering and held our own bartering session. Students brought in items from home to barter with their classmates.
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NO READING LOG DUE THIS WEEK. The next reading log will be due on Monday, October 28.


After MEA break, ALL students will be moved into multiplication facts! Be sure to be practicing at home when you get a chance!

No SPELLING this week!

Our next list (the week of October 21)

only, sleepy, funny, penny, story, carry, very, even, key, sunny, every, happy, family, these, city, busy, (challenge words)

Vocabulary Words for the week of October 21th:

Students will need to know the meanings of the following words correctly to complete sentences:

unfurl: to cause something that is folded up to open

threatened: to feel that harm is coming your way

burrow: a hole or tunnel dug by animals as a place for hiding

inflated: to enlarge or expand

impress: to make a strong impact on someone or something

territory: the region marked and defended by certain animals

Students will also need to write two sentences using two of the following words correctly:

snout: the front part of an animal's head that includes the nose, mouth, and jaws

predator: an animal that eats other animals

unusual: uncommon

burly: having a large, husky body

FYI-Important Information and Upcoming Events!

Wednesday, October 16: End of 1st Quarter; Early Dismissal at 12:00 (Staff Development) I will be out of the classroom, please send messages to the office.

Thursday, October 17: NO SCHOOL (MEA)

Friday, October 18: NO SCHOOL (MEA)

Thursday, October 31: Halloween Party (Dress up for the nursing home in the afternoon)

Friday, November 1: NO SCHOOL Staff Development Day

Wednesday, November 27-29: No School, Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 13: Dismissal at 12:00, Staff Development

Friday, December 20: Last day of 2nd Quarter.

December 23-January 3: NO SCHOOL, Winter Break