Strength and weakness

By Brandon Fronebarger


You thrive on responsibility-sign up opportunities that foster it .

You thrive on situation where many thin thing are happening at one time-seek them.


Actively Take on roles that require you to stay current in a fast moving field.

Learn by teaching others- do discussion groups and presentations at work and in your community


You do not like to be supervised closely- make sure others are aware of this

self motivation

· You don't need your hand-held; help others understand you need space to make meaningful decisions.

· You have a strong self-concept that you are an agent of action - nurture it.


I could improve this quality about me by trying and meeting new people and start conversations more often.I could work on remembering peoples names and faces.I could get straight to the point of the conversation more rather than turning away from it. I could start meeting instead of having others start them.