Washington - Visionary Leader?

By Lillian DeMarco

I Consider George Washington a Visionary Leader

George Washington demonstrates the qualities of a visionary leader in several ways.

One way being that Washington foresaw the problems that could occur if you had permanent alliances with foreign countries. He realized that alliances could change over time and that there would be wars that America should not be part of for the better interest of the country, then and now.

Also, in Washington's farewell address, he warned against the political party system. He did this because Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were debating whether or not to make a Bank of America. Washington had both of them write down their opinions on the bank to settle the argument. Washington had a vision of a party less government, and he tried his best to make this vision true although it didn't happen. I still believe that Washington was a visionary leader even though his vision was lost.

What is a Visionary Leader?

A visionary leader is an individual owning the capacity to guide others by vision and foresight for the future. An example of a visionary leader is Martin King Jr. because he had visions of the future - that segregation couldn't and wouldn't continue for the prosperity and equality of America.


Martin Luther King Jr. is a great example of a visionary leader.