Friday Focus

JSE Staff September 19th

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"Love Your People"

A H-U-G-E thank you to Cindy for all the behind (and in front of) the scenes work for Brownies and Books, it was a wonderfully relaxed evening of engaged parents and children centered around reading. I appreciate all of the staff who helped make it a special evening. And to all of you...the writing prompt was a hit! One I will cherish.

In your mailboxes you should have found a copy of each of the traits for the month. As Rita Pierson said in her Ted Talk, "you say it long enough, it starts to be a part of you."

Next week I will be in Indy all day Tuesday. Wednesday morning Diana and I will meet with grades 3-5 to brainstorm for our High Ability Program this year. Please come with ideas for how we can enrich our HA students. We will have our continued staff meeting on RISE and SLOs on Thursday. Teacher evaluations will be ready for your signature on Monday.

On Friday, Home Depot will be here. When I visited the store a couple months ago, I was lucky enough to speak with a manager who grew up here. I have met with him several times and Joe and I are excited to partner with them (at no cost to us) to begin beautifying our grounds. If you happen to have a chance to thank them please do! My hope is to partner with them in the spring/summer for another project. Thank you Joe for all your help with this project!!

Have a great weekend,


Important Reminders:

  • Come in to see me during your plan time to sign your evaluation.
  • PTO Fundraiser Due Monday
  • If you have not scheduled your individual mtg. with me, please e-mail me asap.
  • If a parent gives you any outside evaluation for their child please give it to me asap. An example would be a diagnosis, test results or summary of services from a physician or counselor. I need to make sure to address this information with the parent in regards to special education documentation.
  • Safety: Take your emergency bags with you to specials. When you have volunteers in your classrooms please remind them to sign-in at the main office.
  • Sub Folders: Include safety information and make sure Barb always has your sub folder.
  • Please turn in 100% effort work to me periodically.

Math Committee

I continue to learn about all the great things going on at JSE! Karen will check-in with you regarding the Math Fact Program. She will make changes and provide you an updated copy. Thanks Karen! Please ensure your parents are aware of the importance of learning these facts at each grade level and the responsibility we have to prepare them for the next level. During the meeting we discussed various ways to recognize students who master their facts and to keep individual students and parents aware of student and classroom progress towards mastery. Classroom bulletin board goals, individual student tracking in a personal folder, school-wide goal walls. If you have an idea please share.
I saw Susan Cain speak last summer on education and was enlightened.

Another Every Student...Every Day! It is a longer Ted Talk but well worth it. I promise in some way you will be able to relate. Her book below is on my "must read" list!

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