Ancient Africa

By: Logan Sparks / World History


There are major points in Ancient Africa that should be taught in schools around the world. Some of the major points are very helpful and can help kids or young adults why Africa is the way it is now. When you teach about it they will learn about why they are so diverse and why the land and people act and are a certain way.

The Land of Africa

Just south of the Sahara Desert the area splits into many major regions. In the west there is a point call the "Hump of Africa" which goes out into the Atlantic Ocean. At this point the Sahara becomes grasslands in the interior and then tropical jungles along the coast line.

The Climate Zones

Africa has 4 different climate zones, that help explain the differences in the lifestyles and cultures of the people in Africa. One of the mild climate zones stretches from the northern coast to the southern tip of Africa. Most of the rainfall and moderate temperatures produce the fertile land in the area. This fertile land is able to produce some of the best and a lot of crops. The crops that are being produced can support a large population.

Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa was a major royal figure in Ancient Africa. He was one of the richest people at the time of his rule. He doubles the size of the kingdom of Mali. He created a strong central government which made the kingdom split into two provinces that were ruled by governors that Musa appointed. He had a strong encouragement to create Mosque and Palaces. He also encouraged the study of the Quran in his kingdom.

Economy and Trade of Ghana

The people of Ghana had lived off the land for centuries. In addition, they prospered from their possession of iron and gold. Ghana's gold made it the center of an enormous trade. Much of the trade across the desert was carried by the Berbers, nomadic peoples whose camel caravans became known as the fleets of the desert. The trade in Ghana for gold and iron were so great that they did have to live on the land as much when trade became possible with the trade routes and other things that were innovated during that time.

The Kingdom of Songhai

In 1009, a ruler by the name of Kossi converted to Islam and established the Dia dynasty. This is the first Songhai state that was helped from the Muslim trade linking Arabia, North and West Africa. After Tures reign, Songhai became into a period of slow decline.  At the end of the sixtieth century, the decline quickened when the forces of the sultan from Morocco controlled much of Songhai.

Why Should This Be Taught?

There are many reasons why this information should be taught. Some of this information is good/great to know because it shows why Africa is the way it is and the why they act the way they do. Some of the things that happened in Ancient are either happening now are being down now in some parts. These are the top 5 things I think should be taught about Ancient Africa because he can help kids learn why people and Africa act and do the things they do.