How to Hunt in a Survival Situation

Food Source: Fish

Why is Food so Important?

Food is very Important in our system and we would not be alive without it. Food gives us engery for our bodies to burn. We burn the energy from food by moving and digesting. Without the food we have no energy. Without energy, we simply will not move and die.

Why Fish?

Although fish are hard to catch, they are a good sorce of nutrients which will help you to stay heathy. At night fish are attracted to light and will be easy to see. Also fish, once cooked, are most likley to be the most appealing food on a tropical island

Materials: Fish Hooks & Lines

1.) Soda Can Top

2.) String

3.) Worm/insect to put on the hook

4.) Stick


Step 1: Cut the soda can top so it has a sharp hook on the side and a whole on the top of the top for a line to be threaded through
Step 2: Thread the string through the hole and tie a knot

Step 3: Wrap the rest of the string around a stick and use the stick as a rod

Step 4: Place worm/insect on the hook and make sure that it does not fall off easily

Step 5: Throw the hook into the water where there are fish and turn the stick slowly so the bait is coming back to you (do not reel in too fast because that will scare the fish away)