By Natalie Guzman


The rain forest has some hot and cold days. It gets longer in winter and shorter in summer because the rain forest lies near the equator. The rain forest gets only 12 hours of sun a day. In some areas it gets 400 inches of rain. The coldest month is 18 degrees F and the hottest is 95 degrees F.The temperature changes every day.

Rain forest is located in lots of places. Some of them are Central and South America, Craribbean Island, Africa, Pacific Island, and Asia. The rain forest is near the equator. Fifty percent of the rain forest is found in Latin America. One third of them are in Brazil. Twenty-five percent are in Pacific Island. Eighteen of them are found in West Africa.

The trees plants are interesting.70 percent of the plants are trees. The trees are close together .The soil is not fertile so soil is shallow. The plants survive by the nutrients inside the trees. The sun does not reach the ground because they are too big it covers it that’s why the plant is living on trees to get sun light. One of the plants that live there are called orchids .They are grown on trees because they to get the sun from the sky. Another plant is called "Butterestes." They are 30 feet high from blending to the trunks. Another plant is called "Bromeliads”. They are found in America. Some of them grow on the gound.Some of them grow on branches and trees. The last plant is the" sugar cane". They taste good because you can make suger.They are surgery and juicy when you taste it (don’t eat it you have to chew the sugar cane.) They are so big and it’s hard like a rock. Sometimes they die because of the trees are blocking the sun light so some time they can’t get sun.

There are so many animal species in the rain forest. One of the animals is called"Beared pig" it’s cute and big. They eat fruits. There habitat is in the rain forest, mangrove swamps, and scubs.Another one is my favorite “Chimpanzee. “They eat plants material, fruits, nuts, leaves, shoots, bark, eggs, and insects. They mostly live the rain forest and the savanna. They spend most time on ground then on trees. Another cool one is the "Flying dragon. “They are a reptile and they eat ants and termites. The last one is the "Gorilla." They eat lots of food like plants, leaves, bark and buds. They are really big. They are intelligent and smart. They are covered in black fur. Females climb on trees. Claws are an adaption that helps them climb well. Rain forest is very cool to go to mostly because of the animal.