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Family Drug Help – A Quick Guide

Addiction is never an individual problem; in fact, it is a family disease having severe impact on all family members regardless of their age, relationship and profession. Each one needs to make efforts to set things straight and win back a normal and healthy life.

Even addiction treatment specialists and psychologists agree on the fact that quick improvement is seen in those patients who are well support by their family members. Along with clinical treatment, it’s their love, affection and support that keep them going despite experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms. It’s strengthens their willingness and hope to lead a routine family life as soon as possible.

There have been numerous studies on the role of a family in the recovery of an addict. In each of the studies, it has been found out that family support really helps. It’s now become an established fact that patients with strong family backup and support can heal faster.

But this is possible only when the family members are rational in their approach towards the addict in their family. Here is a quick guide on family drug help that lists out some dos’ and don’ts for family members when their loved one is battling addictions.

What Family Members Should Do?

  • § Instead of looking down upon them, be polite with them and establish a friendly communication. Try to identify the exact reasons why they resort to drugs and what’s troubling them.

  • § Be ready to extend your help and support in order to make them feel comfortable. Spend time with them; take them out to their favorite places and maintain healthy communication without being harsh with them.

  • § Silently look for an appropriate treatment program for their addiction after consulting a professional. Do all required research and choose a good facility.

  • § Arrange a professional intervention if you feel they are not opening up. Assure them that everything will be alright and they really don’t have to worry because you’re always there by their side to support them.

  • § Meet them during family counseling programs or sessions that their treatment facility organizes. Make every possible effort to strengthen your bond of love with them.

  • What You Shouldn’t Do?

  • § Never ever look down upon them no matter how severe there problem is or how rude they behave with you. This way you will lose them.

  • § Do not be harsh with them no matter what they say or do with you. Understand that they are making you suffer because they themselves are suffering badly.

  • § Do not tell them to get out of the house or do not criticize or condemn them. They might take a dangerous step and try to commit suicide. Handle patiently.

  • § Do not send them to a treatment center unless they are willing to go. Wait for their answer; however, keep making efforts to help them understand that they are suffering.

  • § Do not criticize them in front of anyone. Doing this can make situations worse.

This is a short family drug help guide that shows what family members should and shouldn’t do when they have a loved one in the family who is battling drug addiction.

The family drug help guide lists out dos’ and don’ts for family members when someone in their family is trapped in the clutches of drug addiction. Instead of looking down upon them, they should deal with them patiently and with love and care. Wait no longer, overcome your addiction