MHS Principal's Update

November 13, 2021

Settling In

Maroon Families,

It seems as though most of our students are settling into the school year after so many months of disrupted learning. We're beginning to see much more reasoned responses to frustration, an effort to take responsibility for actions and successes, and more sustained effort toward academic success. Your students should be commended on the progress they've made and the obstacles they've overcome to get back on track from their long gap in learning and social interaction. It has not been an easy adjustment for our students, but they have rallied! As we move into the holiday season and begin to think of all of the things for which we are thankful, I hope we all remember how grateful we are to be back in school, back with friends, back to activities, and back with teachers & students working together toward a successful academic year.

This is also the time of year when school breaks give students an added opportunity to make up missing work, catch up on long assignments, and repair any grades that may help them with the end result for the semester. I know mid-January seems a long way away, but by my count, we have 27 school days between Monday and the start of final exams. Please remind your student that every day counts. Every choice they make to invest another minute or two to their classwork, or attending to instruction, or studying for an exam makes a difference in the long run! Feel free to reach out to teachers for suggestions on improving these skills any time over the course of the semester.

Electronics in the Classroom

As parents of adolescents, you have no doubt come to both love and hate the constant cell phone connection of your children. As a parent, I find it very helpful to know where my child is and to communicate with my kids when I need to reach them. On the other hand, it's like pulling teeth to get full eye contact or an entire meal together without a "Snap", "Insta", tiktok, or texting interruption! We're feeling the same stress with teenagers and electronics here at MHS, too. As a result of the frequent distraction of electronic devices in the classroom, we've been spending some time this week clarifying expectations and limitations surrounding the use of personal electronics in the classroom.

Teachers want students' full attention during instruction in their classrooms. To assist with this, it is the expectation of MHS that cell phones, air pods, earbuds, etc., are turned off and out of sight while in the classroom, unless express permission has been granted for their use at that time by the instructor. If a student is non-compliant with this expectation, the teacher will warn the student to follow expectations. After warning, continued use will result in the student being sent to the dean, where the phone will be kept in the safe for the duration of the school day. Should a parent prefer to pick up the phone, that will certainly be allowed.

We hope that students will make the choice to be responsible, productive learners by adhering to these expectations. Any encouragement you can provide to assist us with this message is much appreciated!

Lots of Fall Events for Student Participation! Here are a few~

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MHS Winter Play is Coming Soon - Tickets Now On Sale

Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl

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