World History

America's Role in Pearl Harbor

America was oblivious to a WORLD WAR

America did not concern itself with the war between Germany and the rest of Europe, the genocide or the chaos until they were attacked by the Japanese. People need to understand that America wasn't the great hero of WWII until they were attacked, and that they proceeded to rip away the lives of Americans out of fear.

World War Two in a Nutshell

Germany was in a deep depression, their economy was terrible. Adolf Hitler took power and drove the desperate people to believe that war was the solution. Germany soon invades surrounding European countries. 1941, Germany begins to invade Russia, this was a huge disaster. Meanwhile, Japan was at war with China and needed supplies, they surprise attacked America to stun them so they could get those supplies, it was a huge mistake. The attack outrages America and we enter the war. 1945, Britain and America invade Normandy, German controlled France, and attack. soon aided by Russia, Germany was forced to surrender. Everyone looks at America as the hero, but were we really?

The Aftermath of WWII and Pearl Harbor


How did America React?

Americans were terrified, the attack was unexpected and left an entire country afraid. The first course of action was to isolate any potential spies, this meant ripping away the lives of Japanese Americans. Anyone with a Japanese background was forced to sell off their property and move into internment camps, although they weren't as terrible as those in Germany, families were still separated. people lost homes, jobs, their entire life's work thrown away. some of these people weren't even Japanese, Chinese and Korean Americans were being mistaken for Japanese and they too were forced to move. Scared ignorant Americans destroyed lives ans went against a natural human right; the right to happiness, in order to protect themselves from the irrational notion that these citizens were spies.

We Are Americans, But Only by Name...

We lost our moral, and ignored what America stands for. We became a scared people, and ruined lives of our own citizens.