President Nixon

Marin Hulme

Election of Nixon

Election of 1968:

-inaugurated January 20th, 1969

- hated the "liberal establishment"

-Hubert Humphrey: Democratic

-George Wallace: American Independent

-won 301 electoral votes

-new plan called "Great Society"

Election of 1972:

-ran against McGovern who was Democratic

-Nixon won electoral votes in all states except Massachusetts and the District of Columbia

-McGovern was very antiwar and it backed him up

-Republicans lost in both house and Senate

Vietnam War

-still many hard feelings

-America was "yelling at each other"

-Nixon incorporated“Vietnamization,” by withdrawing the 540,000 U.S. troops in South Vietnam over an extended period in order to silence the American public

-Nixon-Doctrine- proclaimed the U.S would "honor its existing defense commitments but that in the future, Asians and others would have to fight their own wars without the support of large bodies of American ground troops."

-sought not to win war but to win it by other means

-became longest conflict in American history with 40000 dead and 250,000 wounded

-third most costly war in American history

-ordered an attack with the Southern Vietnamese army on Cambodia, Vietnam's neighbor

-many students nationwide responded to this invasion with riots, rock throwing and window smashing

-Congressional opposition caused the War Powers Act which required the president to report to Congress within 48 hours after " committing troops to a foreign conflict or “substan- tially” enlarging American combat units in a foreign country


-Détente meant the easing political relations with Beijing and Moscow

-Ford and Nixon calle dit "un-freezing" because of the Cold War

-Soviets wanted American foodstuffs

-relaxed tensions in nuclear war race

- led to Grain Deal of 1972 which was a three years arrangement of which food-rich United States would sell at least $750 million worth of wheat, corn, and other cereals.

-Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty which limited each nation to two clus- ters of defensive missiles.

- SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks), froze the numbers of long- range nuclear missiles for five years

The Final Stages

Watergate: A scandal where the government tried to hid mistakes made in previous presidential terms and during Nixon's term that ended with the resignation of Nixon( Nixon's resignation) and the firing of many office holders below him.

-Nixon sent burglars to break into the Democratic National Committee and receive information

-Burglars caught and linked back to men in the Republican Party, eventually leading investigators/journalists to Nixon

-two journalists cracked case since the FBI had been taken of it because of Nixon

-"slush fund" created for Re-Elction of President of Nixon


-Congress charged him with "obstruction of justice"

-released tapes to Congress

-Congress offered him to resign with all the benefits rather than be impeached and receive none

-Told public he knew nothing of the Watergate scandal until about nine months after


-gave speech for resignation on TV on August 8, 1974

-went from "Hail to the Chief" to "Jail to the Chief"

-President Gerald Ford succeeded him