the time of rebirth

The changing of humanity

By the time Renaissance came human kind started to wonder more. Renaissance is the meaning of rebirth, and so humans started to learn more in education and the view of art. Man kind develop more in trading and expanding their large cities, with these more ideas came in. Furthermore the we develop of language and religious grow as we made a true language and help expand Christianity with inventions of writing, therefore humanity is still changing.

The helpers of mankind

We all help change mankind, but there are the ones who helped change mankind by seeing mankind and its features. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Shakespeare these men showed that looking at things isn't always what we see. Leonardo's contributes were the understanding of the human body and how things work. Michelangelo showed us the perspective and feeling of the human body, his worked showed the realistic of his painting and feeling of his sculptures. As for Raphael his work in evolution in humanity was the teaching of education, he made a painting that showed different people teaching each other in education so his influence in the years was that we need to help others in understanding things around us. And finally is shakespere his worked showed us that humans aren't always what we see, meaning that this person may be nice but really inside they are pure evil.


from the beginning to now

how did we get here (2 paragraphs)

All these ideas changes have influence us to become better and realize how much mankind has evolved. Back then people wanted to discover and show the world of this new discovers. Furthermore the location where they lived help them and the influence of religion. Everything that people did help grow their city like inventions, spreading of religion, and discovery of new things. Everything that these people have done did not just help them self but also helped other countries. And so as today we still use these ideas to help us in our everyday life and problems. Today we use the modern day of government and language in which help us make different rules and help us understand what it's trying to say. modern day society has become better we have used art to look at the perspective of things mostly in building. we've have also used inventions back then be made them better and fast so we came keep moving example is the book press today we use bigger machines to develop more pages and more as well. and so from where we are we won't have do it without the renaissance.