Teacher Weekly

St. Vincent de Paul Parish School

Greetings Staff!

I hope this newsletter finds you well and rested on this beautiful weekend. This week was incredible with Sock-it-To-Me-Tuesday. Overall, we collected 725 pairs of socks, and each day we seem to continue to collect more. I am blown away at the love and generosity from our learners. Thank you for encouraging them to make a difference in our world.

Kids at heart in Catholic education,


The Week's Notes

The Week's Notes

STEM COMMITTEE MEETING: Please plan to meet on October 19th at 3:30 p.m. Dustin Pyles, Kelly Herold (our STEM parent rep), and our STVM STEM Committee will also be in attendance. I'll bring the food!

PINK INK DAY: As we recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thursday we will celebrate "Pink Ink Day"- the flyer was sent home on Friday. Middle School learners (intermediate and primary- if you approve) are able to write in their own pink pen/pencils for the day. Learners can also pay $1.00 donation to wear pink accessories for the day. Teachers please wear your pink and enjoy a Jeans Day, too!

FRIDAY'S INSERVICE: Please meet here for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. We will work on Accreditation goals and benchmarks. We will only be here for the morning as the water will be shutting off in order to fix the 3rd floor bathroom. I anticipate all staff out of the building by 11:00 a.m.

1st Quarter Awards: We will continue with quarterly awards this year. I do not have an exact date, but please begin thinking while using creativity for awards for your learners. Each HOMEROOM teacher will give one award to each of their learners. These awards should be focused on strengths of the learners. Specials teachers can individually select learners to earn awards.

SPECIALS: It has come to my attention, quite a few times, that our homeroom teachers are either arriving late or picking up late from specials. Our specials teachers have 5 minutes between periods and have to prepare for the next class coming in. Homeroom teachers NEED to pick up learners on time and drop them off on time in order for the entire period of learning to be used efficiently. Specials teachers are instructed to let me know if our HR teachers are not meeting these expectations.

Extra Apps on the iPads: PCR is unable to delete these off of your ipads. Please have your learners remove them by holding down on one app until it begins to wiggle. Then slide them up to the remove folder at the top or deleted them with the red X if it appears. Our middle school learners can help our primary teachers if needed.

Pictures: Keep them coming-this week was great!!! Just as last year, please send me pictures of your classroom activities-I use these for our Facebook page, Website, and Newsletter. I also document them as evidence for your evaluation at the end of the year. Please send them my way, all the time, with a short description of what your learners are doing.

The Week Ahead

Week Seven

Sunday, October 11: Happy Birthday Becky Fisher!!!

Monday, October 12 7th Grade Representative for Morning Gathering

Monday Sports Report

Faith Filled Award

Happy Birthday Ashley Hunter!!

Tuesday, October 13 (7th Grade Representative for Morning Gathering)

Core Value Tuesday

Sock-it-To-Me Tuesday

Wednesday, October 14 (7th Grade Representative for Morning Gathering)

Meeker Out Principal's Meeting (DJ for Morning Gathering!!!)


Thursday, October 15 (7th Grade Representative for Morning Gathering

Pink INK day- Teachers enjoy your Jeans, too!!

8th grade Skating Party (all teachers should make an appearance at this event to support your 8th graders!)

Friday, October 16

1/2 Day In-service Day :)

Outstanding October

October 15th: Pink ink Day/ SVDP Skating Party

October 16th: 1/2 Day inservice-In-service Day (all teaching staff)

October 19th: STEM Committee Meeting

October 22nd: MIchelle Nelson, Author visit PK-5, No Uniform Nelson Day $3.00 dress down day for all (proceeds benefit our author visit!)

October 23: End of 1st quarter/ Parishioner Open House (all day)/ STEM Parent Night (6:00 p.m. please plan to attend)

October 28th: OCSAA Internal Validation

October 29th: Tentative Awards Celebration

October 30th: Halloween Parade and Parties


submissions are coming in... turn these in to my office!


Who: All Classes WILL enter

Inspired by(please watch it!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGFIyjIQhyg

Deadline: October 15th

Winning Prize: (not yet determined (I'll need staff input on this))

Our core values are such an important part of our learners every day happenings- our learners know what we are looking for! I love to hear "How independent/creative etc. was that?" Keep continuing to reinforce this-you are making a difference.

Our Core Value Tuesdays, however, are getting a little dull. Our signs are fading, I'm announcing a long list of learners, and then we sit back down. BUT learners love it- "Can I hold a sign?" "You say my name today" I hear as kids walk into Morning Gathering. I need you to continue to excite our learners and build their motivation to display these characteristics.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Write, steal, sing, a song/dance/rap that incorporates our Core Values that we can teach to ALL of our learners. In my experience, staff would make a human tunnel while the song played and the kids would walk through the tunnel while high-fiving their teachers for displaying our core values (instead of just standing, displaying the motivation for life we want our learners to have!!!) We could have one core value a week that we are focusing on- and one word in the song could change. These are YOUR details.

Go make a difference!

Email me for questions, comments, etc.