Tre My Life

One day i was scrolling through my timeline of Facebook and it was a picture of K.Michelle and it said she was having a tour coming soon called My Twisted Mind .i was so happy so i decide to click on it . she was having concert in Greensboro. i was so happy because this who i look up to when i am feeling upset and depress.K.Michelle is a singer and she have her own show and many of you know her from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.Next very day ever i found out K.Michelle was coming i went to Greensboro to try to purchase my ticket but they was closed and i was very upset like why they ain't selling the tickets we have less than 24 hours to get our ticket so they said come back tomorrow.After i leave from Greensboro i went shopping to find what i wearing for next night.Next morning today is the concert her concert started at 7pm and i had to be at Greensboro by a certain time to get my tickets and when i arrive there it was K.Michelle tour bus i was screaming so i went inside looking for K.Michelle and i couldn't find her so i went to the front desk and i ask him where is K.Michelle he said she in the back i was so thrilled. when i purchase my ticket we had 2 hours to get all the way to High Point and back to when i arrive home i had to get dress and my sister was like hold on let me get in the shower i was like b**** if you don't hurry up.I figure that if i miss her show i'm going to be very upset so leaving the house we get on the highway i'm driving real fast to get to the concert we get lost in somewhere in Greensboro and its 7pm already so i was pissed.Finally we get to the concert we wait in line they was looking at me funny i was like can i help you they said well i was listening to you because you a true fan of K.Michelle. So i get in there i felt like i was in heaven walking like an Angel.When i saw K.Michelle i cried I scream her name out so loud i was thinking about getting on stag with her. i felt like Jesus was on stage saying i'm going back home. K.Michelle shared her story that open my life she said it don't matter who you are you don't let nobody bring you down. When she said that i cried because people talk about me everyday i had a habit of letting people take control and it so sad that i thought my career was over they didn't even know me like they should.K.Michelle started to sing her verse and i sing along when she walk near me she literally held my hand it felt like i won billions of dollars she looked in my eyes and said i love you be yourself.She sing all my favorite songs and then she came off stage i ran to her and hug her.Now her security Guard came and took me away because i was holding up the line but i didn't care when then the concert ended but my lesson was to be told don't let nobody tell you who you are believe in your self because in future they ain't going to be there with you in the real world.
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