Tech Mand- ICT

Mrs Steele's Classes


My name is Mel Steele and I am a TAS teacher at Illawarra Sports High School. One of my favourite subjects that I enjoy teaching is Technology Mandatory-Information Communication Technology.

I have structured the course to start very basic and the students build on their skills and knowledge through each task. Then using their new skills they knowledge the students undertake the assessment task, where the complete a design folio and final design project.

The course is modified to suit the learning needs of the students. I have found from past classes that have completed the course that they enjoy how the course is structured, allowing them to excel in what really interests them. The students are also rewarded with fun lessons such as an in class sugar skull editing competition, where the students pick the winners, and their work is printed out and displayed on the wall.

Term 1 I was lucky enough to spend 4 weeks at ISER as DER project officer. I am now taking what I have learnt from my time there and implementing it into my units of work.

First rotation