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Mrs. Holland's 5th Grade Class March 21, 2014

English Language Arts - ELA

This week in ELA!

This week in Reading we are reading from the website www.newsela.com. This site, students login and select from their binder different news articles from around the world. These articles have the ability for students to select a good lexile level for their ability. They can practice their comprehension strategies and take a short quiz to show me their understanding. This is an excellent place for extra practice in informative reading comprehension, and it can be done at home too!

In Writing, we have finished our informative writing unit. Students have published a piece about an influential person and they've taken a DSA over those informative writing targets. Next we will move on to Opinion writing again.

Word Work - check out http://mrnussbaum.com/sweet16/ to practice forming words from word parts.


Students have been assigned informative articles at their level that they are to read and they are to practice comprehension strategies using the article's quiz.

Writing Advice - Click Below

Time for Kids

Writers and editors from Time for Kids help give some writing advice for each part of the process.



Ten Marks Math Practice

Practice to reinforce math concepts that are taught at school

It's Math Time!

Students have finished their work with Fractions in the classroom. Some students could still use some extra practice and work with subtracting and multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. Check out www.tenmarks.com for extra practice.

Now students are starting a unit on measurement. This is a fun unit that allows for lots of real life practice at home and in the world around them. When baking convert measurements of dry ingredients and fluids. Around the yard, measure items and then convert from yards to feet or feet to inches. There's so much practice that can be done in the world around you.

Please also remind your children that they should be memorizing their division facts. They need at least 75 of them correct in 3 minutes by the end of the 3rd quarter.

Students have started their own Khan academy adventure. Students have created an account by logging in with their district google account. Then they have taken a placement test to start their journey. Students are on their own learning path. This program also has tutorial videos for students when they are stuck. Encourage your child to visit this at home when they have a chance. They can login to chrome and get to their account through their app. Or the website is www.khanacademy.org .

Social Studies - US History

Our Social Studies Adventure!

Students are finishing projects for the 13 colonies. Next we will look at the build up in history that lead to the Revolutionary war.

We are using our textbook and other resources like http://mrnussbaum.com/history/ to learn about this part of our U.S. History.

Click here for Mr. Nussbaum

This site has fun practice and learning for all subjects!


Science: Force and Motion!

We are reviewing types of motion and force this week. We started learning these concepts before spring break from Chapter 13. We also put these concepts into practice by developing a Rube Goldberg machine. Next week, we will finish reading chapter 13 and we will start to get ready for our Physical Science test. We will review Newton's Laws and simple machines.

Remember, your child's textbook is always available online at www.pearsonsuccessnet.com, along with other helpful study games, puzzles, and videos. Your child also has access to www.studyisland.com to help them review science concepts for the MAP test.

Click here for access to your Science online textbook

Assignments and relevant leveled readers are located here as well.