Girl Scout Troop 363

Meetings every Wednesday @ Hilltop Methodist Church 6-7 PM

Save The Date! Alta Service Unit Cookie Rally is tentatively scheduled for January 8th!

Whole Troop News

  • Next Meeting: December 9, 201. We will be having a small party with the girls. We would like them to bring a small gift for an exchange - no more than $5!! We are going to plan some fun activities for the evening before we take a break until the new year.
  • December 23rd & 30th we will NOT be holding any meetings! If you are looking for something fun to do, check out website for council sponsored activities!
  • Have you gotten the email from Shutterfly about our troop photo website? Check it out! If you have taken pictures of any of our meetings and/or outings, I would love if you could upload your favorites. I want to print them out for our board - and I can feature them here, too. You might have to have an account, and if you don't want to do that, feel free to email them to our email address ( I can upload from there as well. (Note: If you upload/send higher quality pictures, we will be able to print them better!)

Daisy Doings

Dear Daisy Parents: This week we continued our journey progression with learning about Pandas and learning some animal inspired yoga moves! The girls were very excited to act our animal shapes! Next week is the year-end party. Please bring a wrapped gift to trade (no more than $5.00 please). Each girl will go home with an exchanged gift. Thank you for having such great girls and for such a great troop! We will not have scouts on December 23rd or the 30th because of the Holiday Season. Our first meeting in January will be January 6, 2016. We will send out a reminder the week before and give you any directions that may be relevant to that meeting! Happy Holidays everyone!

Brownie Bustles

Hey guys!
I just want to thank you for how awesome your girls work together!
This week we made snow globes and the girls had a blast!!! It was such a fun project! I loved seeing how different and creative each girl could be, then share her ideas and help others if they wanted help! It was sad to see that one of our girls globes got broke, luckily I had 1 jar left and supplies for her to re-build it!

I hope everyone has their Santa hats or party hats ready for our Christmas shin-dig! It's going to be a blast! I won't be able to be there the whole time, but will be at the beginning for a little while! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas break and a safe and happy New Year!


Junior Journeys

Junior Families,

We had a wonderful time making some salt dough ornaments this last week. Even with a bit of problem-solving to get our red color to work out! If you haven't been able to bake them, just put them in a 200 degree oven for a few hours to dry them out.

Starting in January we will be gearing up for cookie sales and the badges associated with that. I am hoping all of our girls can go to the cookie rally at the beginning of January. As soon as we know more info, I will pass it on. Over the Christmas break, I will also start planning our overnight for February 12th. Be on the lookout for that at the beginning of the year!

After cookies, we will work on our Detective, Flowers and Camping badges. If you have any concerns, thoughts, ideas, questions, ???? please just give me a call - I would love to hear from you!


One Girl Scout can make a difference, but together we can ROCK the world!

Upcoming Activities

To find activities throughout Utah, click here:


We want you to know where your troop dues go, so wanted to share our proposed budget for this year:
$20/girl for badges and awards
$200 for special treats and group activity supplies
$60/girl for additional activities (like Cornbelly's)
$100 for administrative
Total = $1900
That total comes from your dues and our cookie sales. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to chat with Grace, our designated finance go-to person!

Troop 363

  • If your scout misses a meeting, read this newsletter to find out what she can do to make up the activities at home and still earn her badges!
  • If you have any favorite songs or games you would like to share with our girls, just let us know and we would be happy to have you lead it!