Twelve Days of Tech Tips

or Twelve Really Cool Things You Can Do With Google

'Tis the Season!

Following the tradition of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I'm gifting you with some cool yule tech tip offerings from Google. I hope you'll find these helpful and that you'll be able to use a few of them in your classroom. Merry Christmas!

Google World Wonders Project

"From the archaeological areas of Pompeii to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Google's World Wonders Project aims to bring to to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world." ~ Google

The Google World Wonders Project uses Street View technology to make world heritage sites available to users across the globe.

Here are just a few of the amazing street view virtual tours you can take with your class:

Antarctica: Scott's Expedition Hut (amazingly preserved because of the climate)

Giza Necropolis: The Pyramids at Giza

Arizona: The Grand Canyon

India: The Taj Mahal

Israel: Old City of Jerusalem

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